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Investments in the SkyWay transport technology

Become a co-owner of the string transport technology
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SkyWay enters 14th stage of development
On 5 December, 2019, at 11:59 p.m., SkyWay Group of Companies successfully completes the 13th stage of development and moves to stage 14.1. With the start of the new stage, the discount on the company's shares will be reduced and the risks for investors will be lower. Hurry up to invest with the current discount before the end of the 13th stage.
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Anyone can invest
Anyone can invest
  • Why did we choose crowdfunding?
  • What is your benefit?
  • Why is it profitable to invest right now?
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Become a partner of SKY WAY CAPITAL
  • We will teach how to effectively work in the team
  • We will provide powerful tools to achieve results
  • We will share the experience in the development of business
SKY WAY CAPITAL Conference in Dublin

We will tell you about the latest SkyWay project achievements and the nearest development plans in the region and the world.

Dublin, Ireland
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SKY WAY CAPITAL international coaching "Speaker's Trainer"

We invite everyone to take part in the international 2-day coaching in public speaking.

11/30/19 - 12/1/19

Vilnius, Lithuania

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SKY WAY CAPITAL Regional Conference in Vilnius

Get to know about the latest achievements of the project and ask questions to SKY WAY CAPITAL Board  Members.


Vilnius, Lithuania

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We invite you to take part in the SKY WAY CAPITAL conference in Breda!

Get information about the project perspectives and ask all your questions to the SkyWay regional representatives.


Breda, Netherlands

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We invite you to the webinar
We will detail you about investing in SkyWay, answer your questions and make you a special offer.
Webinar Speakers
Vladimir Maslov
Vladimir Maslov

Member of SKY WAY CAPITAL Board.

Doctor of Economics, expert consultant on the organization of effective management, author of the basic concept of creating and building settlements of a new way of life, SkyWay investor.

Alexey Sukhodoyev
Alexey Sukhodoyev

Member of SKY WAY CAPITAL Board

A large investor in the international SkyWay Group of Companies since February 2014.

A traditional entrepreneur with more than 4-year experience.

Maxim Vydro
Maxim Vydro

Information Support Consultant.

Holds presentations, conferences and webinars for the company's investors (in the office and in the regions).

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