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Reviews about us

We really appreciate the opinions about our Company. On this page of the website you can find both video feedbacks and reviews left for us on the pages of social networks.

Reviews about us

Tatiana Yarygina
Tatiana Yarygina 23.01.2016

I became a shareholder in April 2014, as soon as I found out about the project of Anatoly Yunitskiy. The question of fraud did not arise at all. I decided that such a scientist should receive help whatever the outcome of events. The project simply thrilled me and gave a chance to see the future of mankind!!! Later I continued my investments. Now I have no doubt of the victory of the SkyWay transport technology over expensive and inefficient existing technologies on Earth! I wish all potential partners to grasp the basics of the technology and believe Anatoly Yunitskiy. It is also possible to become shareholders at an early stage of the project, which will allow multiplying your investments, even if they are small.

Galina Agureeva
Galina Agureeva 15.01.2016

Why did we decide to become a representative?First: it is because Anatoly Yunitskiy studied at school in our city. Second: we always wanted to devote ourselves to something meaningful in life, to some mission.

But the main thing is to help Yunitskiy in implementing such a global project.

Natalia Oboskalova
Natalia Oboskalova 14.01.2016

I’ve been reflecting over the subject of investing for many years. Two years ago I started to take the first steps. Frankly speaking, some of them were not correct. Quite a lot of money was lost. I came to the SkyWay Company as an investor. And I came just by accident. I found a post in the Internet where it was written: "You can buy shares here" and a link. I entered it, because the subject was important for me. And I immediately believed and trusted its designer A. Yunitskiy. I was inspired by the fact that he was engaged with this case his entire life. And now, at such a mature age, he is trying to change the whole world for the better, safer and cleaner. My decision to invest was fast, and my first block consisted of 165,000 shares.

A little over a year have passed. And now we see the pace with which the Company moves towards the goal. I want to tell about this incredibly unique opportunity to as many people as possible.

Nikolai Komisaruk
Nikolai Komisaruk 24.12.2015

The desire to become a representative of the Skyway Company came to me immediately after reviewing the project and acquaintance with its creator A. Yunitskiy. I have worked as a locomotive driver for a long time and then − 5 years on the Railways. Only a single-track section of the railway goes to my city of Grodno where the speed of diesel trains is about 50 km/h. And it is in our time!!!
1. I personally, with the help of the Skyway project, want to foster the development of high-speed transportation in Belarus.
2. Developing the project, I want to obtain financial freedom and to help hundreds of my partners.

Yulia Agafonova
Yulia Agafonova 18.11.2015

I see a great future in the Sky Way Company, therefore, I cooperate in the development of this technology. I hope that a greater number of people will believe in the project and will be able to help in investing to the SkyWay transport technology.

Sergey Movchan
Sergey Movchan 15.11.2018

I saw the project for the first time quite a long time ago, but I did not pay proper attention to it. Later I regretted about it. After the second reading (approximately six months later), I was surprised at my own carelessness. People! Do not repeat my mistakes! Read carefully this great offer. Do not be so disrespectful to your destiny, which gives you a sign and you do not listen.

Sergey Zavarykin
Sergey Zavarykin 15.11.2018

The decision to become a representative did not come by accident, at first I became a shareholder, then a partner. However, when I saw the opportunity to become a representative of RSW and to open an office, it dawned on me and I could not miss this opportunity to both make money and help the company to enter quickly the world market.

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