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To participate in the project

By investing in new transport technology even small funds, you will be able to multiply your welfare.

To participate in the project

What is the SkyWay?

SkyWay is an elevated transport system, in which traffic is arranged by means of suspended rails stretched between supports. The speed of the rolling stock can reach 500 km/h, and its motion is controlled automatically.

Why does the world need SkyWay?

1. Environmentally friendly technology
4. Possibility to get to the most hard-to-reach settlements
2. Dozens of times less resources on construction than for other types of transport
5. High level of safety
3. Low fares
6. The highest speed of movement along the ground (up to 500 km/h)

Why should you participate in the SKY WAY project?

1. Profitable investment of finance. You purchase shares of the companies at a discount of up to hundreds of times from their potential nominal value, which theoretically multiplies your profits from these investments manyfold.
3. Intellectual property. You can become a co-owner of the revenue from the SKY WAY technology, which is evaluated by independent experts at $ 400 867 433 000.
2. Lifetime dividends.  You can get a profit from each realized preorder or targeted project worldwide, corresponding to the number of shares you purchase.
4. Shares in the World Transport Corporation.  You can own a part of the new largest transport corporation proportionally to the purchased SKY WAY shares.

Why do we attract you to the project?

In 2011 the SkyWay Company was created with the aim to introduce SkyWay transport technology to the world market through microfinancing (crowdinvesting).
Even small contributions from a large number of participants are an effective step towards overall success.
Mutual benefit of crowdinvesting: the SkyWay Company gets the opportunity to introduce the breakthrough innovative technologies to the world market — the project participants become co-owners of these technologies, and once they reach the world market, the co-owners will receive dividends from the company's profits from a myriad of targeted projects around the world.

1. Investment of funds
Financing of each development stage of the SkyWay group of Companies

2. Construction of test EcoTechnoPark
The construction of the demonstration (test) track section, as well as certification of the transport

3. Profit
The profit from project implementation. Payment of dividends

4. Fulfillment of pre-ordersв
Implementation of the projects on preliminary arrangements and targeted orders

Real stories of investing

In 2012, the Oculus Rift Company came on crowdfunding site Kickstarter with the glasses of virtual reality, having collected USD 2 million in return for promises to provide each investor with the finished product. 18 months later, Facebook bought the Oculus Company for USD 2,000,000,000.

In 1976 Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne founded the Apple Corporation. Two weeks after the founding of the Corporation Ron Wayne doubted the success of the Company and sold his 10% stake of shares for 800 USD. Now these shares are worth over USD 50,000,000,000.

In 1998, and it is quite recently, David Cheriton invested USD 100,000 in Google, simply speaking, wrote out a check for two boys, Sergey Brin, our former compatriot, and Larry Page. And now D. Cheriton’s share in Google is worth USD 1,000,000,000.

What should be done to sell the technology?

So as to sell SkyWay technology, it is necessary to build a freight, urban and high-speed test track sections, which will be certified, ensuring orders for the implementation of targeted projects around the world.

Available pre-orders
More than 100 Companies expressed interest in the SkyWay technology and are waiting for certification. Thousands of infrastructure projects worldwide are waiting for their practical implementation in the interests of billions of people.

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