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Discount and risk premium

Discount and risk premium

What is a venture project, discount and risk premium?

SkyWay currently presents a venture science and technical project, that is, it may involve some risks connected with the implementation of the innovative idea at the application stage when it is necessary to connect the process of manufacturing with science for the development of the economics.

In spite of that the story of the project’s progress showed that the main hidden hazards of venture projects had been successfully overcome and are now not important for SkyWay. There are no technological risks, the administrative risks had been brought down to a minimum by creating “String technologies” limited company in the capital of the Republic of Belarus, the city of Minsk. In Minsk the government had given a piece of land to the company where the construction works are going in full speed. To date, a large number of delegations from different countries and continents, consisting of representatives from academia, the world of transport and representatives of the highest levels officials have visited the EcoTechnoPark. There have been held a large number of the SkyWay technology presentations, and conducted a numerous negotiations on its practical implementation. 

Thus, the only risk left which is now current and up-to-date for the project is the financing which must be adequate and appropriate to be able to implement the SkyWay project.

By buying SKY WAY shares, you notice the discount: it's your risk premium. The higher is the risk, the bigger is the shares discount. Even before the start of the construction works and even before the obtaining the territory for EcoTechnoPark, when only the idea which was not even formed into the scientific and construction company existed, the risk of investing in the string transport was justified by a higher discount for the participants (by high profitability). At the moment, with risk reductions, the discount limits have been slightly reduced, but the profitability of the project is still very attractive for thoughtful investments. If you invest in your project now, you can get the maximum venture bonus from your money in the project.    

After the construction of the EcoTechnoPark, the discounts will be significantly reduced up to 1:1, as there will be almost no risk of participation in the SKY Way project. Thus, the first, “pioneer” investors will obtain the maximal risk premium while those investing without risks will get the minimal risk premium.

With the progressing of SkyWay project the number of shares which could be purchased for the sum of $200, for example, decreased from 200000 to 13000. By means of easy calculations one can understand that the initial discount was equal 1:1000 while now it is only 1:65. Later on the discount may fall to 1:10 and then it is in the early stages that your benefits are obvious.  

SkyWay is developing actively and soon the current discount will be lowered again according to the plan approximately to a tenth from the current one depending upon the choice of parcels of shares because of the lowering of the risks.


Join the project and do not miss the chance to profitably  invest your money! Trusting SkyWay now, you can receive the bigger risk premium.

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