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Belarusian Transport Week's Preliminary results

The Belarusian Transport Week has just finished: within its framework, the XI International specialized exhibition Transport and Logistics-2017 was held, which included, in addition to the exhibition, the intense business program. The event was organized by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, and the preparation for this important international forum was led by Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus A. N. Kalinin, who headed the organizing committee for the Belorussian Transport Week.  

CJSC "String Technologies", of course, could not help paying attention to such an event. Last year, our company also participated in this exhibition.   Then, the two-seat unibike and the 14-seat unibus were presented to the Belarusian and international community.   During the event, the most important business contacts were established, which played a big role in the   progress on the creation of Yunitskiy's string transport, which has been achieved over the past year.

At the current exhibition which was held from 3 to 5 October 2017, there were demonstrated the following models at our company's stand: the security module, operating models of the rolling stock and the SkyWay track structure layout; the motor wheel of the unibus and the industrial design of the three-section unicar which became the highlight of the program. This is a public transport vehicle, equipped with seats, comparable in comfort with the car and consisting of the sections accommodating six people each. The optimum quantity of such sections in the rolling stock is up to seven, depending on how busy the line is. Like the entire SkyWay rolling stock, the unicar also moves along the overpass, which allows to unload the city streets, eliminating one of the biggest problems of modern megacities. The maximum speed is 150 km/h, the capacity of the line is over 50 thousand passengers per hour, and the longitudinal gradient of the track can reach 30%.

The role of the Belarusian transport week in the development of the transport infrastructure and logistics system of the Republic of Belarus, as well as neighboring countries, cannot be overestimated, since it contributes to attracting innovations and investments, as well as to the growth of the volume of international transportation. We were able to feel it ourselves after visiting our stand by the top leaders of the republic, and by the foreign delegations. The joint visit of the Association of International Road Carriers "BAMAP" and the Association "Transport and Logistics of Finland SKAL" was the most representative. The stand of CJSC "String Technologies" was also visited by logistic students, young railway workers, media representatives, businessmen, etc. Our visitors asked numerous questions but also had interesting proposals.

The exhibition received wide coverage in the media. The string technologies' stand was paid special attention in it.


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