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Dassault Systemes gets you acquainted with 3DExperience

Digitalization has become one of the most discussed topics in Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan in 2017. At the end of the year, in Belarus, Decree No. 8 was adopted (there are somebasic facts about it); in the beginning of 2018, the Kazakh President addressed the citizens of the country with a message on new development opportunities in the conditions of the fourth industrial revolution. In three years, the global economy will become digital by 25 percent.

Dassault  Systemes offers tools to support the effective placing the products on the market, providing for early sales, consumer feedback, timely delivery of supplies and custom configurations manufacturing.  In the new material of the portal computerworld.ru , Dassault Systemes, the provider of the 3DExperience platform, centralizing data on a product or project throughout the life cycle, summarizes the results of its work in the Russian market over the past year:

Alexey Ryzhov is General Director of Dassault Systemes in Russia, CIS and Central Asia

Digitalization has also become one of the most discussed topics of the past year in Russia.  Almost all large companies of the local market announced their programs of digital business transformation.  However, as Ryzhov admitted, while the bulk of the digital economy in Russia is trade and the consumer market, although the greatest growth potential lies in smart production and smart cities.  For its part, Dassault Systemes offers tools to support intelligent production, unthinkable without "smart" advisors and means of supporting inter-machine interaction."

"So far, only 3% of all possible data is actually taken from industrial equipment, although modern domestic equipment has been in operation at a lot of domestic manufactures for a long time," Ryzhov said, discussing the features of flexible production that can support a large number of product configurations.

How some elements of the factory of the future are working today, was demonstarted by Vladimir Pirozhkov, Head of the Engineering Center of Prototyping "Kinetika", strategic  partner of Dassault Systemes, established on the basis of NITU MISiS (National University of Science and Technology MISiS), acting as a showmaker of its solutions. Digital models of such products such as the torch of the Olympic Games or items of equipment for the soldier of the future, the study of technologies for the use of new materials, system engineering, additive technologies are an incomplete list of the activities of this center.

"Who will become the operator of digitalization? The digital economy needs engineers-dreamers, not imitators. Ability to work with advanced software tools allows to put Russian specialists on a par with the rest of the world", Pirozhkov states.

Among the specific results of the past year, Ryzhov noted the implementation of solutions for optimization of logistics  chains and business processes by Novolipetsk Steelworks plant "Quintiq", the use of Geovia system to automate mining and geological work by the company "Nornikel". Another interesting project is SkyWay, which involves the use of the string technologies for the launching of transport arteries of the new generation. The pilot, that is being implemented at the EcoTehnoPark near Minsk (Belarus), aims at creating a safe infrastructure for high-speed passenger and cargo transportation.

Among the organizational changes of the past year, Ryzhov noted the restructuring of the sales channel of the computer-aided design (CAD) system Solidworks: the number of partners has increased by 20 times, and the company's distribution network of customer support has been expanded to 70 cities in Russia and CIS countries.

What does 3DExperience technology give to SkyWay?

We remind you that at the design bureaus and the production sites of CJSC "String Technologies", the industry elements 4.0 are already being implemented to enhance the competitiveness of the project:  The team of experts have been working on the implementation of the system of work with the virtual models of the rolling stock and track structure for half a year.  Such system will allow the creation of engineering projects in a  coordinated and rapid manner and prepare technical documentation necessary for them to go into production.  All changes made by engineers in the layout will appear in the final model and in calculations of the technical characteristics and will effect the cost of the final product.

The necessity of using the principles of the industry 4.0 is  also due to the fact that information systems allow to pass on the assignments of the projects on a contract to the engineers from other countries (as in the case of SkyWay, to the engineers of India, Indonesia and others). This is necessary because at the first stages of the company's entry into the world market, it will not have the physical ability to independently carry out all works around the globe.

More details about the strategy of "industry 4.0" application and further plans of the company-developer can be read in the interview with Victor Baburin, Deputy Director General for Development of CJSC, in a separate article.


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