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Results of the investigation in Lithuania

The Vilnius Prosecutor's Office stopped the pre-trial investigation into the case of Anatoliy Yunitskiy's companies. Anatoliy Yunitskiy,  engineer, inventor and entrepreneur, had been accused in the Lithuanian press of spying on behalf of Russia. The stopping of the investigation was the completion of a sensational story that had been lasting for about three years and received various assessments in the domestic in the foreign media during that period. Anatoliy Yunitskiy had successfully moved to Belarus, where the EcoTechnoPark was built in the town of Maryina Gorka, having employed more than 300 high-tech experts.

The General Designer of the string transport Anatoliy Yunitskiy commented: "The Lithuanian law not only showed its incompetence, but also caused serious damage to the business reputation of the string transport brand and me, its creator. The retaliatory claim will be filed for damages and loss of the profits.   We successfully held the relocation of business to the neighboring country, where the climate for innovation, unlike Lithuania and many other European countries, is positive. As folk wisdom says, "everything has its time," and now it's time for everyone to answer for their actions.  

"The media is writing now that the investigation has disintegrated. Anatoliy Yunitskiy shared this dramatic story with a happy ending in more details (the full video for the most inquisitive audience will appear later).

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