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SkyWay as Part of the Official Delegation from Belarus

The Belorussian-Indian business forum was held in New Delhi (India) on 11 September. The event is timed to coincide with the visit of the President of the Republic of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, scheduled for 12 September. According to BeLTA, the delegation consisted of members of the government, branch ministers, executives of concerns and various departments, heads and specialists of a number of Belorussian enterprises and companies.   The Indian side was represented at the event by dozens of executives and representatives of the Indian companies, working in such fields as pharmaceuticals, food industry, trade and investment, export-import operations, infrastructure projects, petrochemicals,   information technologies and services, medicine, finance, mining industry, engineering, woodworking, education, biotechnology, etc.

The SkyWay project organization , which has business interests in India, was represented at the forum by Anatoliy Yunitskiy, Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Designer; and Deputy General Director for Development Viktor Baburin, who presented a report for the participants of the event. The SkyWay representatives will stay in India for several days; as the result of the trip, a number of agreements are expected to be signed.

Prospects and strategy for the development of the SkyWay string transport in the region, previously outlined by Viktor Baburin in the interview with the company's information service, have been incorporated in the report on the event, published by the Financial Express newspaper. Here is the text of the publication.

"SkyWay Cometh!"

SkyWay Technologies Co. will participate in the India-Belarus business forum in New Delhi organized by the Belorussian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in cooperation with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry. The event is scheduled for September 11, 2017. Talks on the expansion of economic ties between the two countries and discussion of bilateral business cooperation between Indian and Belorussian ventures are to be held within the forum’s framework. The company’s representatives will come as part of the Belorussian official delegation. During the forum, a number of documents are expected to be signed, including the memorandum of understanding with the state of Maharashtra.

Indian’s population is second in the world only to China, but the country has surpassed the rest of the world in the pace of economic growth. For instance, at the end of the financial year, its GDP growth is to reach 7.6% against 6.9 in China, booming investments and demographics, as well as falling oil prices being beneficial for India. However, this rapid growth has brought about new problems and aggravated the already existing ones, as the transport infrastructure development falls behind the average pace of the state.

“We came to India in order to help the country to speed up. We offer affordable and efficient transportation systems which can raise the country’s transport infrastructure development to a new level in a short time. Now the SkyWay technology is at the final stage of certification and hence our declarations have profound grounding. We have proved in practice that the transportation solutions we offer, can be cheaper, safer and faster than anything else other companies do in the market. Our main trump card is manufacturability. We build simply and reliably. Besides, the Skyway technology has practically no restrictions on terrain or landscape, or at sea. We are sure that we have exactly what India really needs today”, Victor Baburin, SkyWay Technologies Deputy General Director for Development, comments on the company’s goals in India.

The Skyway technology meets the needs of the country more than the rest do, since it has the following key advantages over other transport systems that create more problems than they actually solve:

Low cost of construction and operation.

Ecological compatibility.

High speed and security level.

The company’s footing is unique, as it raises no opposition providing affordable services in the areas which have been mostly neglected so far, such as,

-last-mile transport solutions for logistics hubs, airports, railway stations etc.;

unitised handling without disrupting the existing container-transport infrastructure;

brand new approach to the seaports logistics handling, the major problem of such-shortage of space--the SkyWay technology allowing organising warehousing at appropriate distance from the sea and the harbour wall off the shore.

The Skyway project’s marketing strategy also envisages collateral advantages for the Indian state whilst bringing innovation transport and infrastructure network into the country; namely: engaging India’s production facilities, raw material base and labour force, planning to organize the SkyWay rolling stock assembly in the country’s territory. Apart from offering the solution of tomorrow, it will also bring in new scientific knowledge creating new high-skilled jobs, thus facilitating employment and hence- contributing to the country’s economic growth more.

Meanwhile, the representatives of the project organization and the accredited certification body started acceptance testing and the final certification stage of the string transport rolling stock at the EcoTechnoPark, the centre of SkyWay practical innovation implementation.

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