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Spaceway or no way

The SkyWay's creator has repeatedly mentioned what prompted him to develop a breakthrough transport technology: "There are 3-4 generations left, that is 60-80 years, to the point of no return, when the end of our civilization will become obvious and palpable to everybody, including politicians, the poeple who today, in fact, control this process of approaching our end. It does not matter if they understand that truth today or not. For us, or rather for our descendants, it will not make it any easier.   Paraphrasing Zhvanetskiy, you can say: "Whatever you do with the civilization, it is persistently crawling in the direction of the cemetery".

Recently, the confirmation of the correctness of Anatoliy Yunitskiy's conclusions has been increasingly heard from the mouths of the most prominent representatives of the business and scientific communities, in particular, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. On 20 September this year, the results of the studies conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology were published, and they coincided to the details with the ones of the Skyway's creator: American scientists have made calculations that as early as 2100, such quantity of carbon in the oceans of the Earth will have been accumulated, that it would cause the death of all the living. In their opinion, over the last 540 million years, our planet has experienced five mass extinctions, caused by a violation of the normal cycle of carbon in the atmosphere and oceans. Analyzing the dynamics of these changes for the above period, the Institute's staff determined the maximum allowable limits, above which the carbon cycle will lose stability, causing the mass death of the living beings.

The conclusions of the scientists who have conducted this work are as follows: the critical mass of carbon is 310 gigaton, namely by 2100, according to the experts, the human activity will cause the accumulation of such carbon quantities in the world's oceans.

Head of the research Daniel Rothman, Professor of Geophysics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Director of the created by him Center that bears the name of E.Lorenz, summed up the results of the scientific research in the following way: "Does this mean that massive deaths will take place at the turn of the century? Usually, for such environmental disasters, it takes some time, i.e.10 thousand years. Nevertheless, if the process of carbon accumulation in the ocean is not stopped, the sixth mass extinction may occur earlier. "  

Fortunately, Anatoliy Yunitskiy proposes a way out of this situation, already calculated at the level of engineering. Here is how he describes it in the preface to the second edition of his monograph "String Transport Systems: on Earth and in Space", which outlines the theory, state of development, prospects and the main research results of the high-speed ground transport, which moves on the string track structure; and also a space vehicle in the form of an annular string system, encompassing the planet in a plane parallel to the equator:

"The string transport can fulfill this mission not only at the local, but also at the planetary level ... The Planetary Transport Vehicle (PTV) is a geocosmic transport-infrastructure complex of multiple use for the non-rocket development of the near space. In one flight, it will allow to put into orbit about 10 million tons of cargo and 1 million people who will be involved in the creation and functioning of the near-Earth space industry in the future. To achieve what PTV can do in one year, it will take over a million years for the modern world rocket and space industry, in which trillions of dollars has already been invested. For one year, PTV can go out into space up to 100 times. The cost of delivering each ton of payload to the given orbit will be thousands of times lower than by modern carrier rockets.

The creation of PTV will open for the humanity limitless prospects for the exploration of the outer space, where in a short time it will be possible to move from our home planet all harmful production that pollutes the terrestrial biosphere. Such ideas are now gaining popularity, since the space for the industry means virtually inexhaustible source of energy, raw materials, space resources, and fundamentally new technological possibilities (zero   gravity, high vacuum, etc.), allowing to make products of higher than on the Earth quality for lower price and without damage to our common home, the biosphere. At the same time, that will provide an opportunity to finally solve environmental problems and to provide a comfortable living environment for the new generations.

You can read Anatoliy Yunitskiy's monograph, which first was pubblished in 1995, here.

We also bring to your attention the video interview with Anatoliy Eduardovich, devoted to the second publication of his fundamental work by the Publishing House "Belorussian Science" in 2017.

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