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Transport communication network SkyWay guaranties increased comfort level for passengers.


Nowadays, many of us come to work in the morning already tired after travelling by urban transport. Tiredness is aggravated, as we have to return home by the same way. Considering that a majority of megalopolis dwellers spend half of their free time in traffic jams and on the road, many of them suffer from chronic fatigue, which has a negative impact on the organism and causes stresses. Scientific research has shown that it is allowed to spend not more than 3 minutes in Moscow metro without getting harmful consequences to health. Excessive background sound as a result of electromagnetic field impact, accumulation of a large number of people on a rather limited territory, being underground – all these factors lead to stress, which does not disappear after leaving the metro, and, vice versa, becomes worse with every subsequent trip. Being in the underground system is troublesome for a person, it arouses negative emotions on the subconscious level. It is explained by the fact that during the centuries, this place triggers associations connected with burying of the dead and prison dungeons.

Chronic stress, hypodynamia and other malfunctions of the organism follow not only metro passengers, but also car owners. Neither drivers, nor their companions can feel comfortable being stuck in endless time-consuming traffic jams. Health problems are also caused by the need to constantly control the traffic situation, being in a state of increased attention all the time in order to observe traffic safety.

The integrated index for transport comfort is characterized by smooth movement (W), which was calculated specifically for carrying out a more detailed measurement of this parameter. It is measured based on indices of frequency and vibration acceleration for automobile passenger. For example, with the index W = 2, the passenger will feel not increased travel speed, but, rather, like sitting in a comfortable armchair at home. Travelling by high-speed unibus, moving on a rail-string track, exactly corresponds to this index. Such structure for overground transport routes is possible due to application of RSW-technologies, which provide comfortable conditions with uninterrupted, easy SkyWay transport movement at the height of bird’s flight.

Transport communication network SkyWay guaranties increased comfort level for passengers due to the following factors:
- evenness of the track and increased level of strength (at the span of 50 m, there is only 10 mm of construction and dynamic irregularities);
- reduced noise level, not exceeding 50 dB;
- minimal static travel of 300 mm is ensured by soft suspension;
- slight acceleration of rolling stock braking and speeding-up is ensured by absence of hindrances to traffic movement;
- absence of complicated, dangerous and risky road junctions;
- automatic control excludes any human-related accidents;
- absence of traffic jams, accidents, congestion, pedestrians, traffic lights and other elements common for a standard highway;
- transportation takes significantly less time, waiting time for passengers at the boarding area is minimal;
- availability of individual and family-type rail transport, with the possibility of travelling “door-to-door”.

The above factors completely match the scheme “fast, safe, cost-effective” and convincingly prove that SkyWay transport system, located on the second level, is the infrastructure of the future.

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