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Resource saving

Transport communications, located on the “second level” (i.e. above the ground) will come to help. In this case, flora and fauna on the surface of our Planet will remain unchanged.

Resource saving

Significant increase in resource cost has resulted in increased prices for products, consumer packaged goods and services. Our Planet has seen a fourfold growth in population number and twentyfold – in GDP. As a result, natural raw material is now in immense demand, which has increased by 2,000%, while search for new resources presents new challenges. It is necessary to take into consideration that, according to the laws of economics, appreciation of one kind of raw material brings about increase in the cost of others. In the end, civilization bears a risk not to meet the demand, growing like an avalanche, of residents of our Planet.

It appears that in this situation there can be only one salvation: high technologies. Only they will help to save the following kinds of resources:
- food supplies;
- raw materials;
- space;
- economic resources;
- mineral resources;
- mineral resources;

Transport communications, located on the “second level” (i.e. above the ground) will come to help. In this case, flora and fauna on the surface of our Planet will remain unchanged. Just for these purposes, there has been created SkyWay transport.

Pluses of SkyWay transport:

1. SkyWay tracks, lying across many places, which are difficult to reach at present (such as oceans, tundra, swamps, mountains, deserts, sea shelves), will allow to get an access to new earth resources. Such an access to different kinds of raw materials will save the world economy.

2. Cargo delivery by SkyWay cargo and passenger tracks will be by several times more cost-effective.

3. Development of high-speed transport structure will decrease material intensity. Considering that the transport junction itself will have low resource intensity, significantly less steel and non-ferrous metals, ground, sand and reinforced concrete will be used. A continuous string rail will increase load-bearing capacity of supports, being under the main load, as for each anchor support there are about 100 intermediate supports. The assumed saving of building materials for SkyWay network 25 km long will make as follows: steel – 270 bln tons, reinforced concrete – 2.7 tln tons.

In addition, SkyWay transport overpass has obvious advantages compared to a conventional earth embankment. Thus, volume of earthwork will be reduced by over 100 times, which will preserve soil and landscape in the construction zone; or, at least, the damage will be minimal. It is explained in a simple way: laying of railways and highways leads to additional compacting of earth embankment. As a result, the road looks like a dam, crossing beds of surface and ground waters; in this case, soil becomes dry on one side of the road, and on the other – it turns into swamp. This situation causes serious damage to the ecological balance, migration of animals and leads to reduction, and with time to complete extinction, of representatives of flora and fauna.

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