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Design bureau SkyWay

At present, Minsk-based design bureau SkyWay is developing in leaps and bounds and continues to improve itself. About 100 experienced design engineers work at design and engineering enterprise SkyWay.

Design bureau SkyWay

Design bureau for chassis

The string transport project, which has been developed by scientist and inventor Dr. Anatoly Yunitskiy for almost 40 years, requires thorough engineering design. Although the scientist designed many of his previous inventions independently, this grandiose project on creation of innovative transport system is impossible to implement single-handedly – the task is too massive and there is too little time for its implementation.

Therefore, in order to complete the project work on new transport of the second level, based on string technologies of Dr. Yunitskiy, in May 2014, there was created a design and engineering enterprise on the basis of SkyWay Group with the same name. Being the author of SkyWay technology, Dr. Anatoly Yunitskiy became the head of the company. Design and engineering enterprise SkyWay is located in Belarus, Minsk. It is the seventh design bureau created by Yunitskiy, which was formed with account for his past experience. The scientist personally conducted a job interview with each design engineer, evaluated professional and personal qualities of candidates. As a result, there was formed a tightly-welded team of like-minded people, effectively working on creation of project technical documentation.

Today, the best Belarusian specialists, who have sound experience in the sphere of military and civil machinery design engineering, are employed at design and engineering enterprise SkyWay.

Structure of design and engineering enterprise SkyWay

DEE SkyWay comprises 6 design bureaus, each of which is headed by chief structural engineer:

- DB for urban transport complexes develops technical documentation for urban transport SkyWay, capable of reaching the speed of up to 150 km/h and running within 200 km;

- DB for cargo transport systems works on creation of cargo rolling stock with specified characteristics. Depending on the type of transport (mounted or suspended), cargo modules can move at a speed from 50 to 120 km/h for the distance from 200 to 10,000 km.

- DB for transport overpass, infrastructure, process equipment and accessories works on creation of related infrastructure (stations, boarding platforms, supports and overpasses, turnout switches, etc.);

- DB for high-speed transport develops technical documentation for installation of intercity and intercontinental transport lines. Due to improved aerodynamic indices, the rolling stock can develop the speed of up to 500 km/h;

- DB for rolling stock control. This subdivision develops all three types of vehicles: cargo, passenger urban and passenger high-speed;

- DB for safety systems control is the “brain” of the whole transport system, controlled by computers. Specialists of this subdivision, probably, bear the most responsible and difficult task: creation of automated system for transport control, providing complete safety by eliminating the so-called human factor, which is often the reason for accidents.

At present, Minsk-based design bureau SkyWay is developing in leaps and bounds and continues to improve itself. About 100 experienced design engineers work at design and engineering enterprise SkyWay, and the company staff is constantly growing. It is quite natural: in order to build a demonstration test site and to obtain the necessary certification documents, hundreds and even thousands of specialists are required.

SkyWay design engineers face a truly grand task, therefore, in order to let the DB work at full capacity, SkyWay Capital attracts investors’ funds. As any innovation, SkyWay transport project is not funded from the state budget, so SkyWay Group management has taken a decision to finance the project with the help of crowd investing. It is not just investing into another start-up, but a mutually beneficial partnership: each investor of the company automatically becomes its shareholder by acquiring their own stake in the company in the form of shares, which are at present sold at large discount. Considering that efficient work of DEE SkyWay directly depends on its funding, it makes sense to accelerate its work by acquiring company shares. The sooner SkyWay transport achieves certification – the earlier company shareholders will start getting their profit.

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