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Development scheme

We will show other countries, including those with no soil at all, how it is possible to create a city with flourishing gardens in a desert by restoring soil, which existed there millions of years ago, but disappeared. 

Development scheme

Development scheme for industrial site SkyWay:
  1. Station and office buildings
  2. High-speed urban passenger track
  3. Overground urban passenger track
  4. Cargo track
  5. Loading and unloading terminal
  6. Site of test stands
  7. Laboratory block
  8. Production block (assembly site and warehouse premises)
  9. Car park (for production needs and guests)
  10. Turn-around area for heavy trucks
  11. Firewater pond

In the short term, this site will become a track for high-speed complex SkyWay 30 km long to enable developing the speed of 500 km/h.

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