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We will show other countries, including those with no soil at all, how it is possible to create a city with flourishing gardens in a desert by restoring soil, which existed there millions of years ago, but disappeared.


What will EcoTechnoPark look like? What constructions will be built there? And what is the further function of EcoTechnoPark?

We have prepared an EcoTechnoPark album specially for the government of the Republic of Belarus, which has allocated a land plot for construction for us, and for our shareholders, who invest in EcoTechnoPark construction. Even the name itself implies that the main emphasis is made on environmental friendliness of our transport. It will be ecologically clean and safe transport. Nowadays transport is the most dangerous invention of humanity for its whole history. Not an atomic bomb or the Kalashnikov gun – as they kill, on average, 500,000 people every year – but automobiles, which kill one million and a half people annually! 15 million of handicapped people are those injured in car accidents. And how many animals have been killed by automobile transport – nobody knows the exact figures. But not only this is terrible about automobile transport – earth embankments destroy soil: on the one hand, they turn it into swamps; on the other hand, they dry it up. In addition, it pollutes air and soil with heavy metals and poisonous substances. In contrast, we intend to demonstrate that our transport is different – with our innovative transport system, places, which are at present covered with swamps, will flourish with gardens.

We will show other countries, including those with no soil at all, how it is possible to create a city with flourishing gardens in a desert by restoring soil, which was there millions of years ago, but disappeared. For this, it is required to create humus, which takes the nature hundreds of years to produce, and we know it very well how to create humus here, in Belarus, just using peat, which is abundant here. By changing the peat structure and enriching it with microelements and microorganisms, we will create humus, which will be transported by millions of tons to countries, which have no soil. This technology will also be shown on our test sites.

Thanks to the gravity law, the efficiency of our transport is increased by 50–60 times. In what way? We will show you that in our EcoTechnoPark. Acceleration, braking, loading and unloading passengers, operation of turnout switch and automated control system – we will show you all these on our test sites.

With regard to further use of EcoTechnoPark, our logic is to make cities pedestrian. A city shall have only overground metro SkyWay as transport, and the rest of the area free from buildings shall be planted with gardens and parks. It is especially relevant for countries with hot climate, where it is impossible to walk for even 200–300 m in daytime without getting a sunstroke. This will be displayed in our EcoTechnoPark, as well. Thus, EcoTechnoPark is a kind of a showroom to sell our technologies. It is created to exist for at least 200 years. Here, we will continue to improve our technologies and demonstrate novelties to our customers.

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