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Urban complex

We will show other countries, including those with no soil at all, how it is possible to create a city with flourishing gardens in a desert by restoring soil, which existed there millions of years ago, but disappeared.

Urban complex

Urban complex SkyWay is represented on the industrial site as a high-speed passenger track and a round shaped building, which includes a station and an office block. A round shaped building with the diameter of 30 metres allows to minimize land acquisition, which is very important in conditions of dense urban development, where there are practically no free land plots.

A flat accessible roof area of the building allows to plant a green lawn on it for city-dwellers’ rest and relaxation, so that the city will not lose even a centimeter of useful space. A picturesque view of the city and its suburbs opens up from this area. Around the building, there is a car park, which is of additional convenience for both operating personnel and guests.


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