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Urban complex anchor support

We will show other countries, including those with no soil at all, how it is possible to create a city with flourishing gardens in a desert by restoring soil, which existed there millions of years ago, but disappeared.

Urban complex anchor support

For modern megalopolises with high-rise buildings, as well as for cities located on rough terrain (mountains, bald peaks, taiga, jungles), there have been developed special anchor supports. They look like delicate structures, which do not shade the territory and do not disturb the natural environment or intrude into urban infrastructure.

Anchor supports, located at the distance of 300 m and more from each other (up to 3 km), occupy the minimal area, which is relevant both for cities and their suburbs. A unique support structure, designed for heavy loads and heights (up to 250 m). This fact will allow to preserve residential urban complexes, suburban settlements, fields, forests, pastures and other urban and suburban natural objects, without destroying their existing structure.

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