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Scientific and educational films

In this section, you can watch three scientific and educational films, which will tell you about a scientific path of Dr Anatoly Yunitskiy.

Scientific and educational films

It is one of the kinds of a scientific film, which includes films of different types and genres and is suitable for a wide circle of viewers. Such kind of film states the basics of natural sciences and liberal arts in a popular form, acquaints the audience with the history, develops the scientific view of the world, promotes achievements of science and technology with the purpose of their implementation in practice. It also tells about lives and activities of world-famous scientists, scientific inquiries, about the significance of this or that scientific discovery for humanity, etc. Depending on peculiarities of the scientific contents, determining the usage of different cinematic means of expressiveness, there are 3 types of films – popular science, publicistic science and science fiction. The most famous and widespread are popular science films.

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