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Earth Gravity of Stars (in Russian)

This cycle narrates about those people, who have never lost a strong spiritual bond with their Motherland and make an invaluable contribution into its development and further progress.

Earth Gravity of Stars (in Russian)

How to make our planet cleaner and develop space faster? You will learn about it after you have watched a film “Earth Gravity of Stars”, made back in 1989. It narrates about the essence of string technology and its most interesting possibility of application outside the Earth. Inventor Dr Anatoly Yunitskiy will personally tell viewers about the reason for creation of a new technology, about challenges and joys of working on this global project and, certainly, about its advantages for all humanity.

“Earth Gravity of Stars” shows people, who are committed to their convictions and are determined to stand up for them as long as it takes. Moreover, each word in the film is backed up by schemes and test results. The film will become an excellent answer to those, who a priori consider SkyWay technology unrealistic, without going deep into the subject or studying it more thoroughly.

There has been published a biography book “We, the Yunitskiy” about Anatoly Yunitskiy. The author of this book is a famous Belarusian writer Anatoly Borovskiy. Readers met his second book “Yunitskiy’s Sky Ways” with interest. In that book, the writer covered the main stages of life’s journey of a well-known scientist. His talk with the writer, which was recorded for the film, reveals childhood years of Yunitskiy, when he, being just a kid, dreamt of space flights. The scientist has cherished the idea about searching for new principles of access into space and movement along the interplanetary space since the youth. Yunitskiy has devoted all his scientific work to the development and implementation of this idea.

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