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Cargo suspended transport

Cargo suspended transport SkyWay has a possibility of combining a track structure and supports with air and cable electric power and communications lines – wire, fibre-optic, radio-relay, cell.

Cargo suspended transport

Area of application:

  • Transportation of bulk industrial cargo – ore, coal, broken stone, gravel, sand, overburden rocks, etc.
  • Transportation of liquid cargo – oil and oil products, bitumen oil, chemical products, liquefied gases, high-quality natural drinking water, etc.
  • Transportation of breakbulk cargo – timber and wood products, rolled steel, containers, etc.
  • Transportation of special cargo – household and industrial waste, etc.

Main characteristics:
  • Motion speed – up to 50 km/h.
  • Rolling stock cargo carrying capacity – up to 10,000 tons.
  • Track declivity – up to 10%, with special configuration – up to 30%.
  • Cargo transportation distance – up to 2,000 km.
  • Cargo transportation volume – up to 250 mln tons per year.
  • Cargo track cost, excluding the cost of rolling stock, loading and unloading terminals and infrastructure, – from 1 mln USD/km.
  • Cargo transportation net cost – by twofold lower, compared to the net cost of railway cargo transportation.

Competitive advantages
  • Decrease in capital construction expenses due to:
    • significant reduction of land allocation for track and infrastructure;
    • elimination of earth embankments, ruts, tunnels, bridges, viaducts, multi-level junctions and water sluices;
    • the fact that rugged topography, weakness of underlying soils and harsh geographical and climatic conditions do not cause rail-string overpass SkyWay appreciation;
    • multifold reduction of resource intensity in a rail-string overpass compared to conventional transport overpasses.
  • Reduction of operational expenses due to:
    • decrease in fuel and energy consumption;
    • reduction of expenses for operating personnel and their salary;
    • automation of loading and unloading operations and transportation process;
    • reduction of track and repair and restoration work;
    • elimination of necessity to clean the track structure from ice and snow in winter.
  • Reduction of net cost for industrial cargo transportation by twofold and more times.
  • Possibility of environmentally sound development of new territories ensuring extraction of minerals in hard to reach places.
  • Increased reliability and safety of all-weather and year-round cargo transport system operation in any natural and climatic conditions.
  • Possibility of combining the track structure and supports with air and cable electric power and communications lines – wire, fibre-optic, radio-relay and cell.

Environmental friendliness
  • Low resource intensity and energy consumption on all stages of cargo transport system life cycle (designing, construction, operation and disassembly).
  • Cargo track in overpass design does not disturb local terrain, biogeocenosis or biodiversity of the adjacent territory.
  • The track does not destroy fertile soil and growing vegetation.
  • The track does not hinder the movement of ground and surface waters; movement of people, domestic and wild animals; operation of agricultural, building and special machinery.

Reliability and safety
  • Cargo rolling stock is equipped with anti-derailment system.
  • Tenfold safety margin of load bearing string components in transport overpass SkyWay.
  • Resistance to icing and glaciation, snow drifts, fogs, dust and sand storms.
  • Operation reliability in any extreme ambient temperature.
  • High resistance against vandalism and acts of terrorism.
  • Resistance to natural disasters – with special configuration and minimal appreciation:
    • earthquakes – with magnitude of up to 10 points on Richter scale;
    • floods, river overflows – with water depth of up to 10 m and more;
    • hurricane wind – with the speed of up to 250 km/h and more;
    • tsunami – with wave height of up to 20 m and more.

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