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Urban mounted transport

Urban mounted transport SkyWay carries out high-speed overground cargo and passenger transportation, the distinctive features of which are safety, transportation volume and environmental friendliness. Urban mounted transport SkyWay is the transport of the future.

Urban mounted transport

Area of application

High-speed overground cargo and passenger transportation:

within the city;
between cities located close to each other;
between cities and airports;
between a city and a suburb.

Main characteristics
Motion speed – up to 150 km/h.

Possible rolling stock capacity:
up to 100 passengers;
up to 10 tons of cargo.

Declivity of track lines – up to 15%, with special configuration – up to 30%.
Covered distances – up to 200 km.
Maximal urban transportation volume at one transport leg:
up to 25,000 passengers at peak hours;
up to 1,000 tons of cargo per 24 hours.
High-speed line cost – from 1.5 mln USD/km (excluding the cost of infrastructure, passenger stations and rolling stock).
Low net cost of a high-speed line compared to the net cost of transportation carried out by underground metro – by twofold lower; of that carried out by tram – by 3 times lower; of that carried out by monorail track – by 5 times lower.

Competitive advantages

1. Reduction of capital construction expenses due to the following factors: decrease in land allocation area for a rapid track and infrastructure within the city; elimination of tunnels, roadbed, bridges, multi-level junctions, overpasses, overground and underground pedestrian crossings; reduction of resource intensity in a rail-string overpass compared to conventional urban overpasses with a solid roadbed; a possibility of being used in places with rugged topography, with weak support ground, as well as in harsh climatic and geographical conditions.

2. Reduction of suspension system operational expenses due to the following factors: decrease in fuel and electric energy consumption; reduction of expenses related to operating personnel and salary payment; reduction of repair and restoration work; absence of necessity to clean the track from ice and snow in winter.

3. Reduction of net cost for urban cargo and passenger transportation by twofold.

4. Possibility for populating new territories and their environmentally sound development, which is especially relevant in case of hard to reach places, comfortable for people’s dwelling – islands, sea shelves, mountains, etc.

5. Increase in reliability and safety of urban transport high-speed system, operating in any weather and in any climatic conditions at year-round operation.

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