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Investing in SkyWay is your opportunity to get a share in the fast-growing transport company.

Anyone can invest
SkyWay is funded using a crowdfunding model: this implies the possibility of investing in small amounts. Therefore, everyone can make a contribution to the development of the project.
we are attracting investments in
the string technologies
help in the development of the project
participate in the project
What is your benefit?
Opportunity to make a profit
Now you can invest in SkyWay at a discount of up to a dozen times the potential nominal value of your project shares.
Share in a large corporation
You can become a co-owner of the largest transport corporation of the XXI century.
Dividends from implementation
You can profit from each SkyWay implemented project according to the number of your company shares.

Receive a commercial offer with the investment terms to your mail.

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How is SkyWay investment is carried out?
SWI Inc. GTI UNISKY ERSSH III Investor The owner of the crowfundfunding platform. Holder of GTI shares The owner of the SkyWay technology SkyWay Group Managing Company


A natural or legal person from any country other than the United States

SWI Inc.

Owner of Sky World Community crowdfunding site

Registration number: 2018-00309

Registration Address: Rodney Bayside Building, Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia

Information on the governmental website

Euroasian Rail Skyway Systems Holding III Limited (ERSSH III)

GTI Shareholder

ERSSH III is the holder of GTI shares (in the amount of 36.67%), received from UniSky Corporation. These shares secure the share capital of ERSSH III.

The Holding creates conditions for the sale of its shares to private investors through agents, such as the crowdfunding site of Sky World Community.

Registration address: Trident Chambers, P.O Box 146 Road Town, Tortola, VG1110 British Virgin Islands.

Registration number: 1998916

Legal Entity Registration Certificate Number - 457B02AB91

Information check

UniSky Corporation

SkyWay Group Managing Company

UniSky Corporation is a company established by Anatoliy Yunitskiy to implement his projects.

When a new project is launched, UniSky Corporation transfers the intellectual property of that project to a new company that implements a specific technology.

Thus, for example, the intellectual property of the SkyWay project has been incorporated into the share capital of GTI ips.

Registration number: 159735

Registration address: Suite 3, Global Village, Jivan's Complex, Mont Fleuri, Mahe, Seychelles

Register of Companies in Seychelles is closed, information is provided by the Regulator upon request.

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Global Transport Investments Inc.

The owner of the SkyWay Technology

Company is the owner of the rights to the SkyWay Technology.

Global Transport Investments owns the intellectual property of SkyWay, which is valued at $400,867,433,000, on the basis of which the shares of the company (1 share - $1) are issued.

Registration number: GTI 1778122

Registration certificate identification number: 66D3F76933

Registration address: Trident Chambers, P.O. Box 146, Road Town, Tortola, BVI

You can check the registration of the legal entity on the website of the financial regulator where the company is registered:

Check the information

Investor transfers funds and enters into a convertible loan agreement

An investor receives share in ERSSH III through SWI Inc. and becomes a co-owner of the SkyWay technology.

Investor's funds are transferred to GTI Inc. for the SkyWay project development.

UniSky Corporation established GTI Inc. and contributed intellectual property (valued at $400,867,433,000*) to the charter capital of the company under the SkyWay project. GTI Inc. issued its own shares for this amount, which were transferred to UniSky Corp. For example, UniSky Corp. has the right to operate GTI Inc.

*Аt the conclusion of the certified appraiser of intellectual property Hold Invest Audit Consulting Company No. 0-905/2 of 20.05.2013, in accordance with International Valuation Standards.

UniSky Corporation transferred 36.67% of GTI Inc.'s shares to ERSSH III. ** On the basis of this share capital, ERSSH III issued its shares, through which it attracts investments.

**The volume of shares transferred is defined in the Investment Memorandum on page 8, "Definitions", "ERSS HOLDING".

  • How are investments legally registered?

    An investor transfers funds to Sky World Community, entering into the convertible loan agreement with it.

    You can view the sample contract in your Sky World Community office in the section "My investments" on the "Documents"page

    Investor The owner of the crowfundfunding platform.
  • What does an investor get in return for his/her investment?

    Concluding the convertible loan agreement, the investor, if desired, signs the requirement,according to which, he/she immediately becomes the co-owner of the company and the co-owner of the SkyWay technology.

    If he does not sign the requirement, then he/she provides his funds under the terms of the loan: he/she can get it back within 3 years at a profit of up to 4%.

    After the conclusion of the agreement, if the investor signs the requirement, his/her data are transferred to the ERSSH III fund for the registration of their shares.

    Investor Signs the requirement Does not sign the requirement
  • Where do the SkyWay shares come from?

    36.67% of GTI preference shares are transferred to ERSSH III*. The Preferred Shares are included in the share capital of ERSSH III** and on their basis, the fund issues its ordinary-shares.

    In this way, the ERSSH III fund will be guaranteed receiving a percentage of GTI's***'s profits. These funds will be paid to investors in the form of dividends, or, by general voting, may be used, for example, to reinvest in another SkyWay infrastructure project.

    * (the fact of shares transfer is recorded in Investment Memorandum on page 8, paragraph 1.2 (a) (ii))** (the share capital structure of the ERSSH III fund is presented in Investment Memorandum on page 7)*** ( the volume of dividends on preferred shares is defined in Investment Memorandum on page 8, paragraph 1.2 (a) (ii))

    Holder of GTI shares The owner of the SkyWay technology SkyWay Group Managing Company
  • How are shares registered in the ownership of the investor?

    The shares are registered on the basis of convertible loan agreement and the requirement, signed by the investor. After paying the investment package, concluding the agreement and signing the requirement, Sky World Community sends the investor's data to ERSSH III.

    ERSSH III shares become the property of the investor, and the investor's data is entered in ERSSH III share register.

    From this moment, the investor can receive an official extract from the register, confirming his ownership of the shares.

    The owner of the crowfundfunding platform. Holder of GTI shares
  • Where do the investor's funds go?

    Investor’s funds are transferred to GTI* for use in the development of the SkyWay technology**:

    • The development of the EcoTechnoPark - the Testing, Demonstration and Certification Centre for the SkyWay transport and infrastructure systems. There have been constructed 5 types of tracks in the EcoTechnoPark with more than ten types of vehicles running on them;
    • The extension of its own production facilities, with more than 700 specialists currently employed;
    • Promoting international projects. In 2018, there began the construction of the SkyWay Centre in the United Arab Emirates. The Centre will be a demonstration site of the string transport for the Middle East region and a functioning transport line. The future SkyWay park will cover over 50 ha.

    * (GTI, as an investment transfer object, is defined in the Investment Memorandum on page 9, items 1. 2, (d) (i))** The targeted use of funds is indicated in the introduction of the Investment Memorandum on page 3

    Investor Holder of GTI shares
Why did we choose crowdfunding?
Large amount
To implement a fundamentally new transport capable of performing any transportation tasks, there is required a large amount ($ 240 million). At the idea stage, large funds and investors are not able to provide such financing.
Low investment threshold
Thanks to the low threshold of initial investment, we are open to cooperation with unlimited individuals, and this increases the flow of investments in the project.
People's interest
People want to influence their own future and are willing to do so. When the end-user invests in the development of a product, it proves its demand and necessity in the market.
Crowdfunding is a tool for popularizing SkyWay. Promoting the idea of the new environmentally friendly transport to the masses opens up an additional flow of investment and at the same time creates demand in the market.
Why do we use the partner program?
Everybody use it
Partner programs are used by the largest companies in various fields. Aggregators Hotellook and Aviasales pay bonuses for buying tickets and registering in hotels by the links of partners. Partner programs of Alfa-Bank and SKB-Bank allow partners to receive remuneration for opening accounts, issuing debit and credit cards through their referral links.
It is economically beneficial
We do not waste the advertising budget on expensive ways to attract investors that may not work. Instead, we use the partner program that guarantees the payment of bonuses to partners only on the fact of new investments. So, the money spent is guaranteed to bring results, and we can use the investment received for the development of the project.
This inspires trust in the technology
Each SkyWay partner is a company investor. Our partners offer not just a third-party product or service, but the technology in which they have invested themselves. 71% of our partners reinvest received bonuses in the SkyWay technology.
It works
It is thanks to the investment attracted with the help of the partnership programme that Unitsky String Technologies, Inc. has designed and manufactured 12 models of rolling stock, built five types of tracks at the EcoTechnoPark in Belarus and started building a Testing and Certification Centre in the United Arab Emirates.
What the project has achieved
By bringing together hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world, the project has achieved more than what was planned and for less.
Now SkyWay has its own high-tech production, its capacity will allow to implement the first orders for the construction of roads and the entire SkyWay transport infrastructure. The SkyWay plants use Haas equipment, Dassault Systèmes software and other most efficient and modern equipment.
Infrastructure and Tracks
Five types of track structures have been built at the EcoTechnoPark, and now, the SkyWay transport runs on these rigid, semi-rigid, sagging, super-light tracks; there is also a cargo complex, which is for transportation of several types of cargo. There has been built a prototype of the SkyWay two-level landing station, an automated loading and unloading station for the cargo track. There has also been constructed an intelligent string fencing and a string bridge.
Rolling stock
There have been produced 11 types of transport means, such as passenger suspended Unibus, double-rail Unibus, High-Speed Unibus, two-seat suspended Uniwind, Unibike, Unicar; the cargo Unitruck and Unitrans. In 2019, there began the first tests of the transport at the Testing Centre in Sharjah, UAE.
The EcoTechnoPark has been visited by many delegations from different countries and continents, consisting of representatives from academia, the world of transport, representatives of the highest level administrations. There were held a large number of presentations of the SkyWay technology, as well as negotiations on its practical implementation.
Take the opportunity to invest in the global project that has shown its effectiveness and demand in the world.
Why is it profitable to invest right now?
High discount
Currently, the SkyWay shares can be obtained at the discount of up to dozens of times of their nominal potential value, acccording to an independent assessment. With each development stage, the discount becomes less.
SkyWay technology co-ownership
By investing now, you become a co-owner of all the technology and after its successful implementation, you will be able to receive dividends from each project. After the 15th stage, this option will not be available.
Nature conservation
By contributing to the development of the SkyWay technology now, you are helping to preserve the ecology of the planet for yourself and future generations.
How to invest in SkyWay?
Register in the personal office of investor
Choose the investment offer that suits you best and pay in the way convenient for you
Get a certificate confirming that you are entered in the Registry of the company co-owners.
Who supported the project?
Rod Hook
The former Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Planning of South Australia
Alexander Lebed
Russian statesman and military leader, commander, Lieutenant-General. Former Governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation.
Alexander Filipenko
Former Governor, Chairman of the Government of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Yugra. Auditor of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation
Igor Volk
Soviet cosmonaut, Hero of the Soviet Union, Honored Test Pilot of the USSR, President of the International Association "Earth and Space Exploration," retired colonel
Sergey Grishin
President of the holding company "Novotrans", former Deputy Minister of Railways of the Russian Federation(2000-2002)
Michail Orlov
Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences in two specialties (computer engineering and computer-aided design), co-founder and scientific director of MTRIZ
Why do people from all over the world invest in SkyWay?
Gerhard Unglert
52 years old, a sales representative

I invest in advanced companies and startups to multiply my finances. I believe that my investments in SkyWay will bring me income in the future.

Florian Kiss
35 years old, a teacher

I wanted Anatoliy Yunitskiy to be supported in the creation of something really important. With our trust, he will be able to implement his project and build SkyWay. His technology will save nature and preserve our Earth for the next generations.

Gilles Webber
52 years old, Head of the company

First of all, I was attracted by the technical and technological side of this product. I continue to invest because I see the positive development of the project and the interest in this type of product in co-financing with other people with whom I have already communicated.

Ardak Omarov
42 years old, an engineer

At first, I had doubts, I was looking for all information and reviews about SkyWay. I found a lot of good and negative things about it on the Internet. I made my investment, when the supports for the high-speed track had been installed at the EcoTechnoPark in Maryina Gorka. All doubts disappeared when the project had been presented at the Berlin transport exhibition, where there were world famous companies participating. And now more and more people in the world are getting to know about Sky Way.

Nadezhda Pilipenko
62 years old, a pensioner

I want to preserve our Earth for my children and grandchildren. I really liked the offer of Anatoliy Eduardovich Yunitskiy. So, I started investing in SkyWay in October 2015. And since then, I have been continuously investing.

Leila Gaitova
44 years old, a financial consultant

I became an investor in 2014, when the idea was in the air and "not about money and profit", but more about social responsibility for our planet. Through reputable colleagues in the field of attracting investments, I became aware of the venture project of Yunitskiy string transport. The project was only beginning its journey, the risks were great, but I liked the project intuitively. Let me explain why: first, it is not air, but transport technology, i.e. investment in production; secondly, the initiator of the project Anatoliy Yunitskiy is a world renowned scientist, having dozens of patents, UN grants, who has been working on this project for more than 30 years. But most importantly, as a frequent traveler, I felt discomfort on transport on daily basis: the high cost of flights, constant traffic jams and discrepancies in time, deterioration of the environmental situation day by day. We all admit the fact that the world transport system requires reform. And the SkyWay project offers the optimal solution of this problem: speed of movement-- 500 km/hour, economy by dozens of time lower in comparison with now existing transport, speed of the construction is fast, and material consumption is low, and the main thing is the environmental- friendliness of the project!

18 years old, a student

Investing in SkyWay is an investment in the future. I believe that this is one of the steps towards a prosperous world with all the comforts and, most importantly, clean environment. For being able to live in the future and breathe clean air, and drink clean water, we have to think about the safety of our planet now. The future begins with the present. That's why, I invested in SkyWay to contribute to building a new world with clean ecology and fast logistics, to improve the lives of people around the world beginning already from tomorrow.

Sigrid Ude
65 years old, a pensioner

Fortunately, I got to know about SkyWay in 2016. After I have read everything about SkyWay, I first purchased a small investment package. Later, watching the development of the company, I bought a few more investment packages. I am happy that we have an opportunity to become investors of such a large company. I recommend that everyone not lose this opportunity.

50 years old, a programmer

I invested in SkyWay to contribute to the development of this remarkable technology that will improve the future for all. For my partners who clearly see their future, this is an opportunity given once a century, and we were able to use it. I, together with my partners from France Dagnija and Kristiaans Reinholds, took the initiative and created the AppSkyWay Association to spread the idea in France as well as abroad.

61 years old, an actress, investor

For the first time, when I got to know about the SkyWay project, I realized that this was an excellent, innovative project designed to change our approach to transport, our way of life and to make a significant, global contribution to the development and Introduction of environmentally friendly systems that would save our planet.

I believe that we are on the verge of changing the social paradigm for our civilization.

36 years old, a manager

I became an investor back in 2014. Having got to know about the innovative transport system, I paid my attention to the fact that the technology had advanced, but the transport system was struggling to keep pace with the rate of human development. When I met Anatoliy Eduardovich Yunitskiy and got to know about his merits and persistence in achievement of the good cause for our planet, I believed Anatoliy Eduardovich and wanted to join him, and to make the contribution to the good cause! I have relatives who live quite far, but the SkyWay transport system can significantly reduce the time of travel! Moreover, you can also secure your future and the future of your children, becoming a co-owner of the technology!!!

Janna Savitskaya
58 years old, a health specialist, operator of Information and Consulting Center IMAGO Diagnostics

I was touched by Anatoliy Yunitskiy's story, described in the book "Heavenly Roads". After having read it, I was captivated by the topic of transport technologies and decided to take part in the fate of this project. I wanted to support the man who had been implementing his dream for almost 40 years.

I am from Belarus, and from childhood, I liked the magazines "Young Technician" and "Inventor and Innovator". When I was familiarizing myself with Anatoliy Eduardovich's ideas, I seemed to have already read his articles in those magazines. I realized I wanted to help this man.

At first, I did not have significant funds, so I made small investments, but eventually, began to attract acquaintances, who also joined the project. Today, I have 21 invited partners on my account, and each of them is truly passionate about this idea. Among them, there are those who are waiting for profit and those who want to change life and the world for the better.

Svetlana Saprykina
63 years old, an entrepreneur, owner of the fitness club Fitcurves, investor of the salons Nuga Best of the Korean company Nuga Medical

I was impressed by the global nature of the company's mission and its plans to change the ecology through the sphere of transport. For me, the participation in the SkyWay project is an opportunity to invest in the future of my children and grandchildren.

Alla Voyevodina
53 years old, Expert in the company Sky World Community (was a house wife before SkyWay)

I believe, every encounter in our life is not accidental. We dream of the happy future, beautiful life, travelling, and much more. And life gives us opportunities. They should only be recognized!

So, in the summer of 2016, talking to my acquaintance about financial plans for the future, I got to know about the SkyWay project. I got immediately interested in the opportunity to become a co-owner of a prospective transport system.

Further on, I began to delve more and more into the history of the development of the string transport and its ideological founder Anatoliy Yunitskiy. Watching the changes in the EcoTechnoPark, I realized that this project would give me the opportunity to realize my dreams. I will be able to join the large-scale project, to contribute to the preservation of our planet, to the creation of comfortable living environment for life, and to provide inheritance for the future generations.

So, I became the SkyWay investor.

Today, I can't stop sharing this information with new people and tell them about the advantages and prospects of the project support. Every person has this opportunity.

Manana Deisadze
62 years old, an economist, Bio-energycorrector

I invested in SkyWay to secure my future. I wanted to participate in the healing of the planet and to develop myself.

Balint Varga
46 years old, an Internet marketer and lecturer

I invested in SkyWay because this innovative technology has a great future. Our world needs changes.

Margareta Varga
48 years old, a housewife / economist

I invested in SkyWay to provide a brighter future for my children.

Miroslav Kovac
36 years old, an entrepreneur

I believe that SkyWay technology is the future. This company is honest with its investors and fulfills all its promises. We unite for mutual benefit.

Assogba Octave Liberat
43 years old, a manager in the insurance industry
Cote d'Ivoire

I invested because SkyWay is a futuristic and reliable project.

Valentin Varga
19 years old, an investor

I saw this as an opportunity to be part of what is like a dream.

We have prepared the investment offers for everyone.
  • For any budget - from $ 50
  • Installments with a fixed discount for 5 months
  • Large investments with a higher discount
  • Special offers for registering children's ownership for property
Register and choose the investment offer that suits you.
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
  • What document will I get after investing? After investing, you will be entered in the Registry of owners and will be able to order the documents confirming the ownership of shares:
    • Certificate of Owner. It contains your data, as well as general information about the acquired shares; • Extract from the Registry. It contains the detailed information about the acquired shares and is used for legal agreements, for example, a registration of the inheritance procedure;
    The order of the documents will be available to you 3 months after the investment.
  • Is there any sense of my $ 100 investment? Sky World Community works on crowdinvesting, the people's investment program, so even small investments are of great importance for the project. Think for yourself: if each person invests even the smallest amount, then in the end, there will be a large amount that will fully cover the costs of the "formation" of the technology and its implementation.
  • Is it possible to pass on shares as inheritance? Yes! Your shares are your property, in the same way as your apartment or car. There are certain documents that confirm this ownership. And, like any other property, you can pass on your SkyWay shares as inheritance without any difficulties.
Any questions left?
Leave a request for a free consultation.
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