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SkyWay perspectives on the European and MENA-region market

Микроразметка статьи

A partner article about the advantages of the string transport which will help SkyWay compete successfully in the European and MENA-region market has been released on the media holding company’s website «RBC». We share a brief description of these advantages.

Low cost. The construction of 1 km of the string flyover with all infrastructure costs $4 million. This is one-third less than the cost of a monorail and half the cost of a conventional automobile and railway road.

Easy integration. Thanks to the simple design, string flyovers can be placed in densely populated cities without interfering with existing infrastructure.

Solving transportation problems. UST, Inc. offers several modes of transport for specific applications. For example, the Unicar is suitable for urban passenger transport, while the Uniflash, capable of speeds of up to 500 km/h, is suitable for travelling outside the city.

Efficiency of freight transportation. The string type transport technology enables logistics costs to be kept to a minimum, as the vehicle will move automatically above the ground. This keeps the cost of freight transportation to just $0.01 per ton-kilometre.

Environmentally friendliness for nature.The string type transport technologies have practically zero negative environmental impact, enabling the flyovers to be located in regions with strict environmental regulations.

The prospects of the string transport in the international market were commented by CEO of Unitsky String Technologies, Inc. Nadezhda Kosareva:

«We are convinced that any scientific development should be aimed at improving the quality of people’s lives while also having practical commercial applications. Our products are already in series production and have undergone extensive testing at our R&D Centres in Belarus and the UAE. These tests, as well as the increased demand for our transport solutions, are the best proof of the demand for our innovations in the international market».

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