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In 2 days, the offer «Faces of the Future» ends

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On 22 September at 23:59 (UTC+3) the offer «Faces of the Future» becomes unavailable. Until then, you can make any number of investments at the 1:90 discount and get a hologram in your SWC personal office and the EcoTechnoPark museum!

You can register the offer «Faces of the Future»

– in installments for 10 months with a monthly payment of $500

– with the lump sum payment of $5000.

Once you have paid the full amount of your investment, all you have to do is to upload a photo of yourself to the «Faces of the Future» page and choose a SkyWay transport animation for your future hologram.

We remind you that you can only get one hologram. At the same time, you can invest at the discount of 1:90 without restriction until 22 September. To select a suitable offer, go to the page «Faces of the Future».

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