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CleanTechnica journalists told about the main advantages of UST, Inc. transport

Микроразметка статьи

An article about how the technology of Unitsky String Technologies, Inc. could solve modern transport problems. We are sharing the highlights from the story.

Technology Vantages

According to the authors, most of the string track load falls on anchor supports. Therefore, intermediate supports require less material. This allows to reduce the cost of construction, but maintain the strength of the structure. Even if one of the intermediate supports is damaged, the track will continue to hold.

The Unitsky String Technologies, Inc. transport complex is also practically immune to weather conditions. For example, in winter, ice and snow do not stick to the rails, and during a flood, water will flow around the supports and will not be able to interfere with the movement of transport. Moreover, the operation of the complex could not be affected by fog, smoke or other visual disturbances, because the car is controlled by an autopilot, not a person.

In addition, the technology may work with renewable energy sources. In this case, the carbon emissions of Unitsky String Technologies, Inc. transport are reduced to a minimum.

Technology Applications

The authors of CleanTechnica note that the string track supports occupy a small area. Therefore, the construction of the SkyWay complex is especially advantageous in areas, where the cost of land regularly increases. For example, in the USA.

String tracks will also be in demand in areas, where floods often occur. Journalists cite the example of areas of New Orleans and New York, which have recently been flooded as a result of Hurricane Ida. Despite the natural disaster, Unitsky String Technologies, Inc. transport would be able to continue working in these cities.

High-speed transport

The article told separately about the high-speed SkyWay, which can accelerate up to 500 km/h. According to the authors, this solution is similar to Hyperloop. However, unlike Hyperloop, there is no need to dig tunnels for a high-speed transport route, which also allows to save on construction costs and reduce environmental damage.

Unitsky String Technologies, Inc. at the Expo 2020

The CleanTechnica journalists concluded the article with a reminder that Unitsky String Technologies, Inc. became a participant of Expo 2020 in Dubai. Anyone interested in the technology at the exhibition will be able to visit the UST, Inc. Center in the neighboring emirate of Sharjah and see the SkyWay transport live.

CleanTechnica is a publication that publishes news and analytical articles about eco-friendly technologies. About 6 million people around the world read the CleanTechnica materials monthly.

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