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CleanTechnica has published a new article about UST, Inc. transport

Микроразметка статьи

Journalists of the publication CleanTechnica continue to talk about the developments of UST, Inc. In the new article, you will learn why should string technologies supersede contemporary modes of transportation, what are the main advantages of the project, and where to see SkyWay transport in action. Answers to these questions lie in our review.

How has the pandemic altered notions towards transport

During the pandemic, the demand has increased for transport, which avoids large crowds of people while providing a high throughput. The company Unitsky String Technologies, Inc. offers its own solution for this problem.

The UST, Inc. transport moves above the ground on high-strength string rails. This technology allows to utilize less esteemed land in cities and save on construction.

Small-sized models for a few people or more traditional ones with an increased capacity of up to 30 people or more can move along string rails. At the same time, despite its modest size, SkyWay transport is able to provide passenger traffic at the metro level - up to 50,000 people per hour.

CleanTechnica also highlighted the "flexibility" of the UST, Inc. technology. For example, large transport models can be replaced with small-sized ones to reduce the risks of infection during a pandemic.

Advantages for passengers

The journalists of the publication also singled out several advantages of the UST, Inc. technology, primarily related to safety for passengers.

So, the use of SkyWay transport allows to reduce the number of accidents. According to CleanTechnica, over 20 million people have been injured in car accidents in 2021 alone. These statistics can be influenced by placing the transport above the ground, where the probability of collision with other cars is minimal.

In addition, as the track is located on the second level, the technology becomes immune to weather conditions. Typhoons, storms and other natural phenomena that can cause flooding could not obstruct the work of the transport. Approaching water will simply flow around the track supports.

UST, Inc. transport in the UAE

In conclusion, the CleanTechnica authors noted that UST, Inc. is currently participating in Expo 2020 in Dubai. A small stand with information about the technology is located in the pavilion of Belarus. Anyone who wishes to see the SkyWay transport in action, will be able to visit the UST, Inc. Testing and Certification Center in the neighboring Emirate of Sharjah.

We remind you that we have recently published a retelling of a CleanTechnica article about the UST technology, Inc. You can read this material here.

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