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The SkyWay solutions are ahead of the plans of the International Environmental Commission

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The Global Commission on Economy and Climate is an international organization that deals with issues of economic development taking into account environmental risks. It has been conducting the research in this field since 2013 on behalf of the governments of seven countries: Colombia, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Norway, South Korea, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

The Commission functions as an independent body and, relying on the support of the states mentioned, enjoys complete freedom in forming its conclusions. It includes former heads of the governments, finance ministers and business leaders.

On 5 September, the Commission issued a report describing the economic and social benefits of modern environmental technologies. The authors proposed a number of innovative projects in five areas: energy, city, land use, water resources and industry.

The specialists of the Commission state that the implementation of these projects will have brought the following results by 2030:

  • 65 million new jobs;
  • 700 000 saved lives;
  • 2.8 trillion US dollars of benefit for state budgets from the introduction of pricing for carbon resources;

the implementation of all proposals will provide the states with a benefit of 26 trillion USD.

Among other things, the authors of the report recommend that governments invest in innovative transport technologies. They recognize that today there is no universal replacement for carbon transport. However, according to experts, investments in innovative projects today will have almost completely solved the problem of harmful emissions by 2030.

Here is what the report says on this issue:

"The electrification of the transport sector can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and local pollutants and is likely to require less radical changes than the transition from private cars to public or non-motorized transport".

General Designer and founder of SkyWay, Anatoliy Yunitskiy has been working in this direction since 1977. And already today, the SkyWay technologies have ready solutions and correspond to all the proposed ideas of the Global Commission. The string transport will significantly reduce the amount of harmful emissions and create a more perfect infrastructure.

The authors of the report also argue that the use of second-level transport is one of the prerequisites for creating an effective urban infrastructure. The systems of suspension trams of the city of Medellin, as well as the projects of London, Hong Kong, Lagos and other large megacities are included as the examples. SkyWay today offers its ready-made "transport-over -the ground" solutions, which in many respects outperform the existing models.

The commission's experts also point out that the implementation of the projects will require active involvement of the private sector and also the application of an approach that will fairly distribute the profits and will ensure that the transition to the ecological future will be beneficial. This description exactly corresponds to SkyWay's crowdinvesting system. It allows each participant to make a contribution and profit from the successful implementation of the project.

As Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Co-Chair of the Global Commission, stated in the commentary to the report: 

"Now we have a unique opportunity. We can use it or lose everything."

SkyWay offers this opportunity to everybody.

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