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Chief designer of the UST Inc.'s freight transport complex about the company's achievements in 2021

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On the official website of Unitsky String Technologies Inc., there has been released an interview with Dmitry Tikhonov, Chief Designer of the freight transport complex. The specialist spoke about the company's achievements in the freight direction in 2021. We share a brief summary of this material.

Which freight transport means are in development?

UST Inc. is currently developing electric rail vehicles with a load capacity of up to 35 tons of mounted and suspended type —, including for the transportation of standard sea containers. Future vehicles will be suitable for working in tropical and Arctic condition.

What kind of work with freight complexes is being carried out in Belarus?

At the EcoTechnoPark, transport demonstrations and operations continue, and scheduled monitoring of the string-rail flyover takes place, including activities to keep the track structure in working order. In parallel, the company's developers are designing a suspended Unitruck with a lifting capacity of up to 15 tons.

What are the main results of working with Unitrans in 2021? 

We remind you that Unitrans is a conveyor-type vehicle on wheelsets that can rotate in a horizontal plane and is designed to move bulk cargo.

In 2021, UST Inc. worked out solutions that will help improve the Unitrans' operation in the following areas:

‒ We have chosen new materials that will allow us to obtain a light and durable structure of the flyover with spans of up to 1 km. This track structure can be adapted to any terrain, making the technology more competitive.

‒ The traction stations' design and the principle of operation have been modernized. Now they are combined into drive units, the distance between which can reach 6 km. It will be possible to service traction stations without stopping the entire complex.

‒ There has been improved the load-bearing part of the complex to increase the service life of the continuous belt.

‒ We have developed new solutions for the support wheels of Unitrans that will allow the support wheels to be changed while the complex is in operation, which will reduce operating costs.

What are the features of the Unitrans control system?

The Unitrans control system is based on digital technology that provides real-time operational data. This is necessary for using the complex in the most efficient modes.

Digital technology can be used to create a maintenance schedule based on the real-time condition of the complex. This ensures that repairs and upgrades to Unitrans can be carried out in a short time and at the lowest possible cost.

Read the original of the interview on the official site Unitsky String Technologies Inc.

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