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The string transport can help Latvia to get rid of traffic jams

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There has been posted a large article about the SkyWay project on the Latvian news portal infotop.lv

The authors tell the audience about the history of the project and the opportunities that will be opened for the city planners, if to abandon the old modes of transport and replace them with SkyWay.

For example, construction with a minimum land allocation is not only more economically profitable, but also removes so

me of the burning issues that characterize all ancient cities:

"SkyWay could completely remove the fears of part of Riga residents, for example, along a tram route near one of the Riga cemeteries, laying the rails for which has been argued for more than two years. Or, say, SkyWay could fit into the project Rail Baltica, which is designed to connect the Baltic countries, Eastern and Western Europe with the standard European railway track.

In this case, SkyWay could easily add to this route, providing, for example, the delivery of cargo to the main railway line from the same seaport by unitrucks, or transporting passengers from different regions of Latvia, connecting them with air track- capillaries. The transportation can be very fast: up to 150 km per hour (Latvia does not need faster routs, given the short distances in the country), without any obstacles, traffic lights, which is safe, environmentally friendly and economically profitable. "

You canread the full version of the article on infotop.lv portal

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