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SWC in person: Interview with an ambassador in Latin America

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Olga Veronica's story shows that anyone who has the desire to develop can succeed in the SWC community. In an interview for our website, the businesswoman spoke about her path in the company, her vocation and plans for the future.

«I fell in love with the technology»

— Tell us about how you came to the SWC community? What got you interested in the company?

— Actually, I did not plan to associate life with SWC. My sister invited me. She told me: «It's yours, come on in! You'll like it». And I believed her. Until then I wasn't interested about the SWC, the string transport. I already had a successful business, three companies in Germany and entrepreneurial activities in other countries, so I did not need other projects or money. Everything changed when I met Anatoli Eduardovich, saw the technopark in Belarus and took a ride on the string transport. I fell in love with the technology immediately! It responded to my desire to make the world a better place — the very idea of such a transport seemed simply grandiose. After that, I finally decided to come to SWC. In April 2021, a lead generation system for working with cold contacts was launched, from where it all started. Now 90% of my time is spent in the SWC. I work with the community not only in the Dominican Republic, but also in other countries. It is very important to run everything in parallel, which I am currently working on. But I do not leave my businesses, I continue to combine.

«I was offered, but I did not exit»

— How did you get the Ambassador status?

— The company immediately appreciated my style of work, and, apparently, decided that I would make a good Ambassador. I was interested in this activity, because it opens up many opportunities. In this status, it is easier to promote the project, you realize that you are recognized by the company, that there is a large community behind you. Therefore, when I was offered this role, I did not refuse.

— Tell us about your status at the UN?

— I received the status of a Member of the Multilateral Forum of the Dominican Government Ethics Group at the United Nations out of the blue. For me, working with people is very important, so I help them expand their business, discover new countries. I am sincerely sure that even at the age of 60 you can become a successful businessman, and even more so at the age of 20-30. Even if there is no start-up capital, there are a thousand opportunities to start making good money. At the UN, my status is: "Defending human rights and expanding business in the Dominican Republic." This is completely in line with my goals. I help people who do not know how to build a business, are not confident in themselves and think that being rich is only for the rich. No! Anyone can start, and I always rejoice when I see a successful result in a person.

«People are the same everywhere»

— Do you think there is a difference between the business community in the Dominican Republic and communities in other countries?

— In fact, communities are no different anywhere. Everyone has the same goals — develop, learn, achieve, earn. Our Dominican community is the same as in Germany or any other country. And therein lies the great value — we all have the same opportunities and we are all equal before them.

— What are your plans for the community development in the country?

— Well, we have grandiose plans — we want to reach 100 thousand people in the community and unite the regions. The company is growing, so I hope that we will be able to implement everything.

— What are you doing about it now?

— Every day we have offline presentations. We meet people in person. Online — this is great, and gives a lot of opportunities for communication, but nothing can replace personal communication. Yes, we cannot meet in any one place, so we arrange a tour and come to any area to any people. We are open and there is a place for every person in our community. We are currently participating in the Growth Awards, and are nominees for growth, development and business achievement in the Dominican Republic. We want our company to receive the award. In December, there will be another award, our adaptation and learning platform (“Best Learning Platform”), as well as a Board Representative Alexei Sukhodoev, as a person involved in community development, will be nominated.

«My development — is the development of the whole team»

— My plan — is the development of the whole team. We must keep the bar high so that people who believe in us are not disappointed, and people who have not yet believed in us join the community as soon as possible. I wish the SWC team good luck and success, as well as health! And, of course, we are waiting for the recognition of our community at the global level. I am sure we will definitely achieve this.

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