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Distribution of tickets for riding the string transport

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Dear SKY WAY CAPITAL investors and partners!

The long -awaited EcoFest-2018 is approaching. Of course, lots of you can't wait to come to the EcoTechoPark and to see the transport of the future with your own eyes.  We have three pieces of news for you:

1) You will have the opportunity to try the rolling stock in action.

2) The tickets for riding the vehicles are limited: they are only 2100, and it seems impossible to give this riding opportunity to all the guests, as they are more than the number of the tickets. SKY WAY CAPITAL has only 700 tickets for its investors( read about the conditions of the tickets' distribution below).

3) if you can't ride the unicar this time, please, do not upset, as all the people who bought the tickets for the EcoFest-2018, will have the opportunity to come to the EcoTechnoPark during a year and to ride the Yunitskiy's string transport. The SkyWay company will specially organize such days in the future for you to be able to ride the transport.

So, all the tickets that we have now, will be distributed among the SKY WAY CAPITAL regional leaders, who will determine the most active participants of their structures and reward them with the tickets.

The investors who will have such a lucky ticket, should familiarize themselves with the updated rules of the visit to the EcoTechoPark, with the"Rules of travel in the SkyWay transport", in particular. To obey them is mandatory.

We wish you happy emotions at the EcoFest-2018! Please remember, that SkyWay is our future, and you are contributing in the  creation of this future.

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