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The SkyWay technology for the development of agrotourism in Italy

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On 10 July 2018, there was held a scientific and technical conference in Italy at the conference-hall "F.Perri" Palazzo  Alvaro, on the square, where the Headquarters of the administrative region  di Regio Calabria is situated. The conference was devoted to the project             "Metro Aspromonte: from the right to mobility-- to the agricultural tourism for the ongoing development of the local regions".

The meeting was opened by Paolo Ferrara, President of the Consortium of the capital universities "UniNeggio", there were also speeches by Mayor Mr. Falcomat and the President of the National Park "Aspromonte", Mr. Bombino. To improve the quality of the project in terms of tourism and agricultural activities, UniReggio relies on fruitful cooperation with the experts of scientific and technical research. The speakers at the conference were the following known people: Corrado Rindone, Associate Professor of Transport Engineering at the Faculty of the Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria; Marco Poiana, Professor of Food Technology at the Faculty of Agriculture of the Mediterranean University of Reggio di Calabria, and Professor Vittorio Kamini, President of the Academy of Bergamot and the largest organization of entrepreneurs in the field of tourism business in Italy "FederAlberghi Calabria".

The idea of the "Metro Aspromonte" project was illustrated by the engineers Nicola Carelli, Vincenzo Cosentino and Francesco Greco, appointed by UniReggio for its development; and the expert Dr. Emanuele Baroni made the presentation of the SkyWay technology.  In addition, architect Emanuela Tartaglia is expected to attend the conference, and he is already a technical promoter of the construction of the transport line using the SkyWay technology on the territory of the Republic of San Marino. The line is currently at the advanced stage of the technical, political and contractual evaluation. Ms.Tartaglia is expected to conclude her speech by announcing the start of the cooperation on the project implementation. The conference was closed by Professor  Francesco Russo, Vice-President of the Regional Council of Calabria and Director of the Transport Department of the Faculty of Engineering of the Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria.

The meeting was also attended by  President of the Association of Mayors of Olive Cities Giuseppe Ida, President of the Association of Mayors of the Grekanika region Santo Monorkio, President of the Association of Mayors of Locride Rosario Rocca, President of the Association of Mayors of the Messina Strait Roberto Vizzari, Mayor of Sant Eufemia d'Aspromonte and Vice- President of the National Park "Aspromonte" Domenico Creazzo, Mayor of Sinopoli Annunziato Danaro, Mayor of Africo and President of the National Park of "Aspromonte" Francesco Bruzziani, as well as President of the Order of Doctors of Agronomy and the Forestry of the province of Reggio di Calabria Francesca Giuffre.

The president of UniReggio, Paolo Ferrara, explained that the realization of the idea of the "Metro Aspromonte" project should be viewed mainly as an excellent opportunity to restore the right to mobility to the entire Aspromonte area, which was badly affected by the closure of the "Sant'Eufemia/Banyara" motorway, and at the same time to implement a real opportunity to build in Italy the first site of the most innovative string transport system, using the SkyWay technology. It is very important to privide the communication between the mountainous areas and the coastal zone, which will contribute to the development of agrotourism and the organization of an enogastronomic tour to improve the quality of services to the cuisine lovers in the region of Calabria.

The meeting was attended by Mayor of Messina Cateno De Luca, Deputy Mayor and Adviser for Infrastructure and Transport of the city of Salvatore Mondello, who also considers the SkyWay technology for the new project in Messina, widely discussed in the recent election campaign.

For reference: The "Aspromonte" National Park is located in the Italian region of Calabria.  The peaks of the Aspromonte mountain range are on its territory, reaching a height of up to 2000 m.  And the Mediterranean Sea gently gushes at the foot of the mountains.  It is only here that the rare bergamot, used in perfumery and the production of the famous "Earl Gray" tea is grown.  The park has a rare ecological, historical, artistic and archaeological value, because its territory has been inhabited by different tribes from time immemorial, and the inhabitants of the settlements in the park have Greek roots. They have preserved a unique culture and traditions since the times of antiquity.  The spectacular views of the Messina strait between Calabria and Sicily, as well as the two seas - the Ionian and the Tyrrhenian - connecting here, can be seen from the tops of the mountains.  The territory of "Aspromonte" is crossed by several waterways and is inhabited by many species of animals.

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