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Man does not live by rocket alone

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Space is not only a giant lifeless expanse in which an unprepared person cannot survive without special equipment.  For far-sighted people, this is literally an endless source of energy and scarce resources. Today, it is far from being even easy to get into space, as it is a serious task, say nothing about industrial development of space.  Nevertheless, Anatoliy Yunitskiy has his own solution to this promising task: a General Planetary Vehicle (GPV).

The General Planetary Vehicle is a geospatial transport-infrastructure complex of reusable use for the non-rocket  exploration of the near space.  With this vehicle's help, entire plants can be put into orbit, which ultimately will save the Earth's nature from the ecological catastrophe.

Both, the article in "Arguments and Facts in Belarus" andAnatoliy Yunitskiy in his interview, inform what is needed for the construction of GPV, how to lift millions of tons of cargo into space and why humanity needs the space industry.

You can read the publication followingthe link.

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