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Expert: "I am a supporter of building SkyWay in Sevastopol»

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The possibilities of infrastructural developmentwas again being considered in Sevastopol: the project of building the metro, in particular. The authors of the project propose to connect the main part of the city with the North side by the metro line, which will be constructed also under the water across the Sevastopol Bay. The idea of creating the metro in the city is considered not for first time, and has repeatedly been criticized because of the special seismic conditions of the region and the high cost of underwater construction.

President of the Crimean Academy of Sciences, Chairman of the Crimean Republican Association "Ecology and Peace" Victor Tarasenko spoke about the safety and expediency of the metro construction in Sevastopol. He noted that in this kind of infrastructure projects, it makes sense to consider other, more appropriate technologies:

"I am in favor of building SkyWay in Sevastopol to move to the North side, which will be several times cheaper than the metro, safer and more environmentally friendly. This is the string transport, which is becoming very popular today."

Victor Tarasenko also noted that active work is already underway with the local authorities, who will decide whether Sevastopol will become the first Russian city with SkyWay transport:

"The Skyway transport technologies are very promising for the future; it is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective transport. The developers, as far as I know, are already negotiating with the city authorities, with the Governor, about  implementing this pilot project for the Russian Federation on the Crimean Peninsula. The project has not been implemented in Russia yet. The authorities in Russia are hesitant to try something new. Perhaps, Sevastopol will be the first city in Russia, where there will appear the Sky ways»

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