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Questions and answers on the offer "Reinvestment and Redemption"

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In order to avoid confusion and help to understand the conditions of the offer "Reinvestment and Redemption", we have collected the answers to your most common  questions about it.     

How do I know if I can take part in this offer?

You can get to know about your participation in the offer through the mailing or automatic notification in your personal office.

How much money can I get if I take part in an exchange offer?

The money will be available in case you are among the first 5000 investors. Then you will be able to get up to $1000. But this is only the instant income: those who in the framework of the offer will exchange their shares to tokens, will receive an asset in their investment portfolio, which in the future can significantly add its value.  You can sell tokens after the company has completed the ICO: then, they will go to the free market.

If I have less investment shares than the exchange offer implies,

for example, 80 000, not 100 000?  You will be able to select this quantity and the system will accept it.  The packages of shares up to 100 000 will be exchanged according to the exchange rate common for all participants. So, for 80 000 shares you will get $800 or 1 600 SkyWay tokens.

What if I have more shares than I need to exchange, for example, 200 000 shares?

You can choose such a package to participate in the offer, and the system will divide it into two parts and will number them.  One part of 100 000 shares will be exchanged in accordance with the terms of the offer, and the other will stay with you in the form of investment shares.

I have less than 100 000 shares, I want to exchange half of them to tokens, half - to money.  Is it possible?

No, you can't do that.  The participants of the offer can choose only one of the options offered in the personal office.  We have chosen this approach to increase the speed of processing requests and avoid overloading the system with numerous small operations.

I have exchanged my investment shares for money, and now I changed my mind.  What should I do?

In accordance with the terms of the offer, which is agreed  by each of the users who made their decision to participate, the cancelation of the exchange will not work.  

Why am I not among the first 50 000 participants? My partner invested later than me, but he has the opportunity to participate in the offer, and I do not. Why?

Most likely, your partner has invested before you in one of the funds (SWC, SWIG).

When will investors from SWIG and SWC funds be able to participate in the offer?

Such a possibility will appear in the near future as soon as the specialists have completed the necessary functionality preparation.

We try to do everything for your convenience and safety of your investment!

It is important to note that delays in completion will not affect the duration of the offer for the funds' participants:  it will last exactly a month from the moment when all the functionality becomes available.

What if I'm not the first investor but want to buy tokens? 

 They can be purchased at the ico.rsw-systems.com site when the SkyWay tokens have been put on sale.

I agreed to the terms of the agreement in the personal office, where can I read it again?

The agreement can be downloaded in the Chronicle section.

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