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Italian dream which was born in Belarus

Микроразметка статьи

Not so long ago, we shared with you the information about what kind of perspectives the SkyWay technology opens for the development of Italy. The string technologies can become the essential way to promote the development of agro-tourism on the Apennine peninsula. 

 On 28 October, the Italian media issued an article “The Metro Aspromonte Project Revives Transportation in the South of Italy”. Its author, Sebastiano Capozzi, expresses his hope that the first commercially operated section of the SkyWay transport and infrastructure complex will be built within its framework.

This idea was announced at the regular conference “Metro Aspromonte:  from the right on mobility to rural tourism for sustainable development of inner regions”, initiated by the Consortium of UniReggio metropolitan universities together with the campus of Chieti University. At the conference, the experts presented the project and the SkyWay technology, which, according to the author, is already at an advanced stage of technical evaluation by local authorities in the Republic of San Marino, who consider SkyWay transport a valuable contribution to mobility of this small independent state.

Briefly summarizing the highlights of Metro Aspromonte project and reminding the audience about the specifications of Yunitskiy’s SkyWay Transport, Sebastiano Capozzi concludes that it allows the south of Italy to get a certain advantage over the north, which is now a much more developed part of the country.

Further on in the publication, it becomes clear that the disastrous consequences of the detrimental effects of incompetent transport management on the entire region’s economy in Italy (we wish all countries followed  the Italian example) have already been realized:  “For this reason, a project like SkyWay can only be welcomed by everyone and, in particular, by the residents of the region where the isolated areas are the norm.  It is all about restoring the importance of those places that are often forgotten, but could become centres of attraction for the tourism market.”

The presentation of the project was greeted with applause from the audience, expressing the desire for its speedy implementation for the benefit of the regional economy, which has a lot to offer to the tourism industry. As the author highlights, it is impossible to predict whether the Metro Aspromonte project will be implemented and, if so, within what time-frame:  “It’s clear that its presentation alone feeds many dreams and hopes of a huge number of Calabrians who would finally see their land an example for all.” 

You can read the оriginal publication, following the link here.

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