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"It's a real gift not only for us but for all mankind"

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The string transport at the international exhibition Innotrans 2018 attracted the attention of a large number of guests. Representatives of the transport sector, businessmen and just ordinary people, interested in high technologies from 30 countries, visited the stand of CJSC "String technologies" and saw the new SkyWay project novelty, a high - speed unibus.

We have already written in our statistical report about the guests' impression of our new model's characteristics, of  its convenience and comfort.  However, the figures fail to reflect the emotions experienced by the visitors – so we offer you to watch some short interviews in which Mikhail Kirichenko spoke to the guests, visiting our stand, about what they think about the string transport, and how they see its future.

"It's a real gift not only for us but for all mankind for changing the world, improving and building new transportation infrastructure."

"I was here at the previous exhibition and visited the SkyWay stand then.  But now I've seen a high-speed module, and it is just wonderful. I am very happy about it".

 "There are many people at the SkyWay stand. I have been at all other exhibition stands, and but this one is the most visited one.   I am happy that I was able to see these technologies,  that could touch them. And on the other stands, I just watched the video."

"Oh, I'm so impressed and proud to be a part of this project. I walked around the exhibition and can now compare what we have with other exhibits. Ours is the best. In my opinion, it is just beautiful. I'm so happy!"

"My impression of this exhibition? I'm very excited. The high-speed module is something unique. There is nothing like this at this exhibtion.  I have not seen anything like this at the other stands. I even have a special feeling in my soul . I feel extremely surprised. I've never felt like this before. It's just mind-blowing!"

"A fantastic impression! I admire this technology. Fantastic!"  "I really liked this exposition. This vehicle is very interesting. I highly appreciate the idea, which is at the basis of this transport creation for transporting people around the world, especially in remote regions: in the mountains or deserts. I also loved that this project is funded by a lot of people on the basis of crowdfunding. It's something original and new. Here, we see what transport of the future can be like. It is interesting and great work."

"It literally meets the requirement of our time. I really like it".

"I am at this stand for the first time. This is something exceptional in our world. In any case, it seems like a part of the future of transport. We see something absolutely new, something that can change people's mentality and their idea of what mode of transport can be in 10-15 years. I am very happy to cooperate with you. I wish you lots of luck."

Some of the visitors at the SkyWay stand expressed not only their impressions, but also showoed their interest in cooperation:

"We have come here from Brazil. We want to implement the technology of this company in Brazil. We have many interested people with great potential. We have already made our first steps in this direction. Now we are ready to welcome Mr. Yunitskiy and SkyWay to  Brazil. We have already a large staff. All is ready for a good start. We have investors and lawyers to legalize the company in Brazil. We have everything needed for the implementation of the SkyWay project on iron-ore deposits of Brazil."

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