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"Miracle of technology" - SkyWay Unimobile

Микроразметка статьи

"The Miracle of Technology with Sergey Malozyomov" – This is a weekly popular science television program that is aired on NTV. It tells about the news of science and technology, the latest developments of engineers and recent discoveries of scientists. Once the program « Miracle of Technology& raquo; has already presented the work of the SkyWay string transport creators – then the release was called «The train of the Future » and was devoted to new perspective forms of public transport.

Not so long ago there has appeared another release about the developments of our engineers: It tells about the SkyWay unimobile, which was presented at the specialized exhibition “InvaExpo”. Society for all in September of this year. 

The main idea of the Unimobile – is the creation of a unique, socially demanded product, capable of forming a new segment of the market of services for people with limited mobility. On the SkyWay electric car platform, there can be implemented additional logistic tools for the string transport infrastructure systems which can effectively solve the problem of the last mile for passengers and cargo, as well as be used in local car-sharing schemes.

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