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The SKY WAY CAPITAL Conference and the Training Seminar in Brezno!

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Dear investors and partners!

We invite you to the SKY WAY CAPITAL conference and training seminar, which will be held in Brezno on 26-27 January, 2019.

The event will take place at the following address: HOTEL PARTIZÁN, s.r.o. Tále 108 – Bystrá, 977 65 Brezno, Slovenská republika

The conference will sum up the results of work in 2018.

You will get to know about the plans and prospects for the development of SKY WAY CAPITAL in 2019; the proposed targeted projects; the latest achievements of SKY WAY CAPITAL, as well as the nearest growth prospects and project promotion of "the SkyWay Group of Companies" in Slovakia.

The Members of the SKY WAY CAPITAL Board and other Top Experts of the company will be speakers at the conference. They will answer all the actual questions about the SkyWay project.

On the second day of the conference, there will be held a training seminar on the topic: "Duplication;- How to Build a Successful  Business".

At the event, you will get to know:          

  • What steps should be taken to create a successful business;
  • How to implement a duplicated system of work in each region;  
  • How to build a successful and actively developing partner structure;
  • How to teach duplication to your business colleagues; 
  • Sponsor's responsibility, teamwork and much  more.

Invite your friends, acquaintances, potential partners and investors to the event in Brezno.

The number of seats in the hall is limited!

You can find out the details of the conference program, register and pay for the participation in the SKY WAY CAPITAL personal office.

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