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Top 10 photo shots of 2018

Микроразметка статьи

The SkyWay Information service presents ten photo shots which were most memorable ones in 2018.

Of course, they do not show all the significant events in the life of the project. However, these shots allow us to relive the brightest and the most emotional moments of the outgoing year, which have already become part of the SkyWay history 

1. The installation of the banner with the symbols of SkyWay on the highest summit of Africa, on the top of mountain Kilimanjaro.

2. The visitor of the SkyWay exhibition stand at the exhibition Future Cities Show 2018 in Dubai, UAE.

3. Installation of traction modules of the U-4-220 double-rail unibus on the track structure of the SkyWay city/high-speed complex. 

4. The start of the running tests of Unicar at the EcoTechnoPark. 

5. The ritual dance of the Haka, performed by the EcoFest-2018 visitors. 

6. The start of the running tests of the double-rail unibus on the section of the SkyWay city/high-speed complex.< /p>

7. The presentation of the high-speed Unibus at InnoTrans 2018. 

8. Cutting a ribbon at the construction site of the Skyway Innovation Centre in Sharjah, UAE.

9. SkyWay was presented to the Crown Prince of Dubai and Emir of Sharjah. 

10. The first snow in the SkyWay Ecotechnopark

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