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Uniwind: light, inexpensive and economical transport

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One of the latest SkyWay developments is a suspended automatic passenger transport module of the string-rail transport systemUniwind U4-651U4-651.

  • Speed: up to 150 km/h
  • Number of passengers: 2 people
  • Bearing capacity 150 kg
  • System performance: 7200 pass/hour in both directions
  • Energy consumption (at a speed of 100 km/h): 3.27 kW*h or 0.82 l per 100 km of fuel equivalent

Earlier, we have already talked about the goals of this vehicle's development and identified potential areas of its use: sparsely populated remote areas with severe climatic conditions.

However, a large number of questions have arisen that prove the high interest of the SkyWay project partners in the Uniwind.

In order to dot the “i”, the SkyWay Information Service interviewed the Chief Designer of the urban transport complex of the CJSC String Technologies» Vadim Vladimirovich Savchenko, in which he detailed the information related to the track structure and the super-light transport complex as a whole.

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