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«The idea is in the air»: SkyWay as an alternative to Metro in Italy

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The city of Monza, the administrative centre of the Monza and Brianza province in the north of Italy, is world famous for the fact that the Italian Grand Prix, one of the oldest rounds of the world racing championship in the class "Formula 1" is regularly held at the city's autodrome circuit;.


On Sunday, 17 February, 2019, in the local Internet publication “Il Cittadino MB ” there appeared an article under the heading «Transport, SkyWay for the Route in Vimercate: a Suspended Monorail is an Alternative to M2».

In the article, the journalists describe the idea to connect Cologno Nord (a suburban station on the second line of the Milan metro in the municipality of Cologno Monzese) with the city of Vimercate using “driverless cabs, moving on the above-the -ground tracks and controlled remotely» The author of the idea is a provincial advisor Fabio Meroni, a member of the Northern League. As Monica Bonalumi, the author of the article, aptly noted, «The idea is in the air».


According to the former Mayor of the Lissone city:


«For more than twenty years, we have been talking about extending the green line of the metro, which we haven’t realized due to significant costs. Now, to speed up the process, policymakers must also analyze alternative technologies used in other countries»

For some time, – the politician continued his thought, – other projects are being implemented in different regions, that differ from traditional metro systems- from the monorail to cable cars and transport systems on the flyover. He paid special attention to the string technology based on the SkyWay project, which, according to him, will be used in Dubai already during the «Expo 2020».


«This second-level road system, – explains Meroni – is much cheaper than the underground or ground subway » because it does not involve either digging tunnels or laying roads in urban areas such as ours, as the system is located on supports with a special rail stretched at a height ... String roads are faster to build, and, since they are elevated, they also require less money for land acquisition».

On 22 January, the project was submitted to several Mayors of the province, and the Transport Commission will consider it on 7 March, then, there will come a period of discussion of this proposal with the local authorities of the cities of Agrate, Brugherio, Carugate, Concorezzo and, naturally, Vimercate.

The representative of Carroccio commented: «Politics should look to the future, without being attached to the past. Today, there are technologies that were unthinkable two decades ago: the region and the province could arrange a visit to Belarus, to a thematic park created for the state bodies to understand how this transport operates».  

In Carroccio's opinion, such a trip can be made in one day. Infrastructure debates will become increasingly important on the government’s agenda over the next few years, as «If regional autonomy comes into force, Lombardy will have more powers and authority in the field of transport and more resources for investment. Therefore, it would be possible to decide on the promotion of innovative programs: for this reason, I am trying to revive the comparison of transport solutions between Cologno Nord and Vimercate».


This story is an indirect effect of the joint project of SkyWay and Dubai Roads and Transport Authority – Dubai Sky Pods, – and we sincerely wish the residents of the Lombardy administrative region to enjoy fast driving any day, regardless of the calendar of the world championship in royal races! 

You can read the original of the articlehere.

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