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The Russian media called the SkyWay project in Dubai «a high-speed cable car»

Микроразметка статьи

On 6 May in the English-speaking magazine The National there was puclished the article titled «New Video Offers a Glimpse of Dubai's Futuristic Sky Pods Transport System». The journalists of the publication told their audience in the article about the advantages of the SkyPod project and about the nearest plans of its implementation.

Immediately after the release of the article, the topic was trumpeted by Russian media. With reference to The National, such publications lenta.ru, racurs.ua, yunews.kz и 5-tv.ru released their own publications about the project of the string transport.  

In The National, the Sky Pods project was called the «High-speed cable car-style transport system», or «The high-speed transport systems in the cable-way style». The Russian-language media decided to shorten the description and presented the SkyWay project as a «cable car road». We should note that besides the external similarity, the construction of the cableway has nothing to do with the project of the string transport. The SkyWay vehicles can accelerate up to 150 km/h, which is technically impossible for cable car capsules.

Despite the error in translation, the editors of Russian-language media left video and photo materials in which we can see an example of the implementation of the string transport in Dubai.

The SkyWay Information Service has already sent a letter to the editors of news portals, asking them to edit the published materials.

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