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Lithuanian portal about SkyWay: «Transport of the future from Eastern Europe came to the UAE»

Микроразметка статьи

An article about SkyWay was published on the Lithuanian portal www.technologijij.lt, dedicated to high technologies. The author of the article outlined the main aspects of the string technologies, showed the existing models, and also described the SkyWorld program — a number of projects in the fields of agriculture, Ecohouse building, biotechnology and environmentally friendly energy. 

The author of the article notes:

A few years ago, it was just an idea that few people had heard about, but last year thousands of interested people could already appreciate the benefits of the new transport at the EcoTechnoPark near Minsk. This innovative technopark is engaged in testing, certification, demonstration and development of the new generation transport technologies and their infrastructure complexes.

Initially, it was Lithuania that was considered by SkyWay General Designer Anatoliy Yunitskiy as a country for the construction of the EcoTechnoPark in 2014.  By agreement with the local authorities, the Lithuanian company of Anatoliy Yunitskiy paid a million Litas for 40 hectares of land in the free economic zone of Siauliai for the construction of the testing ground.

In the same year, the Lithuanian prosecutor's office began a pre-trial investigation against Yunitskiy on suspicion of illegal financial activities. The formal reason for this was the statement of the Central Bank that the company of the Belorussian engineer is engaged in fraud. The problem was also caused by the Lithuanian special services, which complained that Yunitskiy was going to build a testing ground in close proximity to the NATO air base.

As a result of pressure from the Lithuanian authorities and the media, the land in Šiaulai was taken away, all accounts and property of the company (about 1 million Euros) were arrested, and the inventor together with his family was forced to leave the country, since there were actually started the procedures of removal their children from the family: one daughter of the inventor attended а kindergarten, and the second daughter studied in Vilnius in grade 5.   Even an open letter, addressed to the President of Lithuania and the creation of a petition in support of the project did not help.

The investigation ended in 2017, when the Vilnius district prosecutor's office officially acknowledged that no evidence had been obtained confirming the initial suspicions during the investigation. The frozen financial assets and other property of the companies were returned to the owner.

Such a lengthy and detailed article about SkyWay, written in a positive spirit, can mean a change in Lithuanian policy regarding the SkyWay project and Anatoliy Yunitskiy.

You can read the full text of the article in the Russian languages in a separate document.

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