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EcoFest 2019 Let gardens blossom

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The organizers of the EcoFest 2019 have a request to the guests to bring 2-3 kgs of live fertile soil, untouched by plowing, fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. The soil should be of natural moisture (not dried), with all natural microflora and microfauna, bugs and worms, roots and seeds of plants, etc. We are explaining why it is needed.

A special bank of live soils and soil microorganisms is being created on the territory of the EcoTechnoPark, where it is planned to collect the maximum variety of samples from different regions of the world. These soil microorganisms (there lives about a trillion microorganisms of several thousand species in 1 kg of fertile soil such as chernozem) will participate in the formation of the unique relic humus, which can be used to restore all types of soils, including desert sands.

Humus is an organic substance of the soil, the basis of its fertility. To date, the laboratory of agronomic research of CJSC «String Technologies» has already identified agronomically valuable groups of soil microorganisms – (approximately one thousand species) – from samples of fertile soils of Belarus, Ukraine and Russia, to use them not only to produce humus, but also to inhabit into the soils, increasing their fertility. The guests from dozens of countries around the world are expected to attend the EcoFest 2019. The living fertile soil, brought by them, will become a valuable material for further work of scientists aimed at preserving and improving the ecological situation on the planet.

Picture 1: The laboratory of the CJSC «String Technologies» agronomic research

Picture 2: The samples of relict soil, created from brown coal in the laboratory of the agricultural research at CJSC «String Technologies»

«The ecological status of soils is a mirror that reflects not only the material but also the spiritual appearance of man, it is man who is responsible not only for the condition of the soil, but also for the whole Earth and the Universe as a whole», said once Russian scientist V. Dokuchayev, the creator of such a scientific direction as genetic soil science. 

Fertile soil with microorganisms living in it is the immune system of our Earth's biosphere.  But today, people use intensive farming methods, applying too much mineral fertilizers, not observing crop rotation. It causes various kinds of soil erosion, desertification and humus deficiency, destruction of microorganisms; soil, food degradation, and eventually – people's one.

Man kills the planet's immune system with ploughing, herbicides and pesticides. There is no need for a third world war for us to disappear, – in the absence of the immune system on the planet, a pandemic can occur at any time. None of the following will save us then: a personal island in the ocean, or a personal submarine, or a Boeing with missile defense, as humanity will disappear very quickly, by historical standards – instantly.


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