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New Video Presentation of the Skyway Model Range

Микроразметка статьи

Today, there are Skyway solutions for all types of transportation: passenger and cargo, urban, intercity, international and even space ones.

A dust storm, ice cold, snow-covered mountains or a desert – «sky way» will pass through all obstacles. The string transport adapts to human needs, as in the case of the tropical unicar, created specifically for work in the tropical climate of the Middle East.

We call SkyWay «the transport of the future», and these are not big words. The Skyway transport is safe: whether it is a roomy unibus, light unibike or cargo unitruck.

SkyWay excludes the influence of the human factor during the movement because the vehicles are controlled by automation.

SkyWay will not collide with other transport and will not hit a pedestrian, because the road is above the ground.

SkyWay saves the land along the lines of transport communications.

SkyWay develops speed up to 500 km/h and at the same time the trip inside it is comfortable.

SkyWay is a credible alternative to public transport.

At the festival EcoFest 2019, which will be held on 17 August in Maryina Gorka, you will be able to see the latest developments of SkyWay and try out the string transport yourself.

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