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The development of the Skyway rolling stock

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With the approach of the Ecofest, there appears more and more information about the new developments of the string transport, which is planned to be shown in August at the EcoTechnoPark. Today, we will talk about how the work on the SkyWay rolling stock is progressing, and what developments could be expected in the near future.

At the EcoFest 2018, the guests were presented the Uniwind, a lightweight passenger module which can move on coiled tubing track structure. The other day, in the Uniwind, there has been modernized glazing: to improve the comfort of passengers, vents and silicate glass doors were installed in the vehicle.  All glazing meets the standards of the UN Economic Commission for Europe № 43. Now, the Unwind has been dispatched to the EcoTekhnoPark to continue testing.

The first prototype of the lightest and so far unnamed SkyWay module is at the assembly stage. It will be presented to the public at the EcoFest – 2019, which will be held on 17 August at the EcoTechnoPark.

The development of a conceptually new monorail traction bogie for a passenger vehicle with the capacity of 25 people is underway. The main efforts of engineers from CJSC «String Technologies» are focused on designing a suspension for maximum comfort of passengers. 3D models of several variants of traction bogies for dynamic modeling are being prepared.

The design documentation for the UNICONT U4-192-01 vehicle has passed the complete cycle of approvals and transfered to production in the electronic document circulation of the 3D-Experience platform.

The traction modules have also been upgraded, and the work of energy storage devices of the largest at the moment SkyWay vehicle 48-seater double-rail Unibus U4-220-T2 &ndash has been debugged; it will be sent to the EcoTechnoPark in the near future. Its large units will be delivered to the site, after which the Unibus will be assembled and then continue testing.

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