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Anatoly Yunitski has taught Unibus to react to a human

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The inventor of SkyWay transport Anatoly Yunitski has personally conducted the tests of the SkyWay transport's object recognition system. Now it can be definitely said, that unibus is able to recognize a person, no matter what he does: runs, hides behind a support or stands on a track.

All the traffic in SkyWay systems takes place at a height of several meters, safe for humans, animals and ground vehicles. However, there are sections, where it is reasonable to lay the route at low altitude. Then there will be a need to teach pods not just to communicate with each other or interact within the transport network, but also to respond to unplanned spontaneous actions. And, first of all, to a human.

This new check of the safety systems allowed to ensure that neither a flying bird nor a subject encountered on the track, nor a running person are able to harm the unibus. Thanks to SkyWay technologies you will not be worried about how your loved ones get from one city to another, and while travelling you will see ground not touched by asphalt.

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