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How modeling can help improve the SkyWay transport

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The SkyWay string transport is called upon to be the most efficient, affordable, environmentally friendly and safe of all existing means of transportation for passengers and goods. Existing achievements of the project is the result of the work of almost 1000 people and 86 Design Bureaus (DB).

Engineering company employees constantly improve their professional knowledge and skills, master new methods of work and software. So, this autumn, all specialists of The Design Bureau «Engineering Calculations» were trained at a seminar on professional development in the framework of working with MSC.One. software. In particular, seminars on calculation of composite materials, modeling of dynamics and acoustics of vehicles were conducted for the specialists. It will allow to considerably increase efficiency of work of SkyWay Technologies Co. already at the stage of designing.

Taking this opportunity, we will talk about the DB «Engineering Calculations» a bit more. It interacts with such subdivisions as Rolling Stock Administration, Transport Flyover Administration, Fittings and Test Accessories Administration, Design Administration; Test, Certification and Standardization Administration; as well as with chief designers in all the fields.

Daily, with the help of complex computer programs, the design bureaus' employees develop the key characteristics of string-rail platforms necessary for their safe and efficient operation, as well as data on tooling, equipment and elements of the rolling stock. The tasks of the calculators, as we call them, include simulation of the operation of the rolling stock and dynamics in different modes of operation, simulation of the dynamics of auxiliary mechanisms, as well as participation in the final stage of running tests to ensure the correctness of computer models.

It is necessary to reject non-viable models at the initial stage and to find out whether the proposed solutions can withstand the required load levels without conducting expensive tests. Thanks to the structures optimization performed by the Design Bureau, the company saves not only time but also money. Engineers also check the safety of vehicles and track structures at the design stage, studying a variety of characteristics, such as bullet-proof structures.

All other competencies of the department are as follows: use of the so-called 1D simulation at the early stages of design, simulation of vehicle crash tests, mechanical tests for verification and validation of calculation models. And one of the tasks is also preparing the staff from the students to solve the calculation tasks.

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