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SkyWay announces redemption

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In 2019, the SkyWay project moved to the penultimate 14th stage of its development. This was made possible thanks to the help of investors. To thank them, the management of SkyWay Group of Companies announces a share redemption on the following terms:

  • Investors with the date of birth up to 31.12.1944 inclusive can become participants of the redemption.
  • The redemption procedure can only be conducted once.
  • Maximum number of shares for redemption is 500.000. 
  • If the investor has less than 500,000 shares, he/she can sell the existing shares or reject the redemption. 
  • The rate of sale: 1 share = 0,012 USD. 
  • The repurchase takes place from 1 January, 2020 to 31 January, 2020 inclusive.
  • The payments will be made within 6 calendar months from the end of the offer.

All willing investors will also be able to exchange shares for SkyWay tokens.

The terms of share exchange for tokens:

  • The shares can be exchanged for tokens by all investors regardless of the date of birth.
    Maximum number of shares to be exchanged for tokens is 550.000.
  • The exchange of shares for tokens can only be conducted once.
  • If the investor has less than 550,000 shares, he/she can exchange the existing shares or refuse to exchange at all.
  • The exchange rate: 55 investment shares = 1 SWG. 
  • The exchange will be closed when the total number of the issued tokens reaches 25 million.

Please note that only investors of Euroasian Rail Skyway Systems Holding Limited may redempt or exchange their shares for tokens.

The participants who meet the terms of the offer will receive letters to their email, specified in their personal office, with instructions for the redemption and exchange of shares for tokens.

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