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Special Offer for partners: "Best Team"

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SWC announces the special offer «Best Team» up to 31 May. Under the terms of the special offer, you can invite partners from other projects not related to SWC. Please note that the invited partner must not be a SWC investor or partner.

If these conditions are met, we will explain to the new partner how to recreate a team from a previous project, based on the SWC partner program. The team transfer will be discussed individually due to the specifics of different affiliate programs.

Invite partners from other projects which are no longer able to meet participants' expectations. We are ready to cooperate with each of them on advantageous terms.

Statistics shows that many investment attraction projects have already closed in the past years. And that happened despite large investments of millions of dollars and effective partner teams around the world.

The main value of any leader is his/her team, which can be safely and confidently entered into projects. However, there are often projects that can change the development environment and reduce the effectiveness of leaders and partners. That is why, there are fewer and fewer people left who are willing to follow their leader.

We are confident in our project, which has been developing with the support of the SWC platform for over 5 years. That's why we offer to join the SWC partnership program on the most advantageous terms. We offer long-term, prospective and stable cooperation.

To participate in the special offer:

  1. Invite a partner who is neither SWC investor or partner.

  2. Write to the email register@swcapital.ee, to get to know how to register a new partner's team. 

The time of the special offer: is up to 31 May, 2020. 

Why we?

The reliable company and demanded product:

  • We have been operating since 2015

  • We are cooperating with tens of thousands of partners from all over the world

  • We are attracting investments in the environmentally friendly transport technology with testing centres in Belarus and the UAE

We are taking care of your work convenience:

  • 24-hour technical support in 10 languages

  • Information support in 6 languages

  • Real-time statistics of the partner structure: the amount of accruals for any term, investments of invited investors at any level and much more

User-friendly personal office and marketing support:

  • The call-center provides professional consultations to invited investors

  • Professional e-mail marketing - mailings in 24 languages for your invitees

  • Advanced tools in 24 languages: landdings, presentations and marketing plan

  • The possibility to connect your site or landing to the Yandex statistics service Metrics or Google Analytics directly from your personal office

  • Accruals from the partner structure up to level 24 in depth

If you want to invite a new partner from another project to SWC, please write us to email: register@swcapital.ee

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